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A Realized Dream [Dec. 5th, 2016|12:24 am]
At first in the process of enlightenment when you search seek and struggle.
Then you hear the little stories and they seep in.
What did you do before enlightenment, carry water, what did you do after enlightenment: carry water.

You learn about the woman so quiet that the world stopped and listened when she spoke.
You learn about the Jain that gave herself to the tiger and aunts so she would not hurt them.

Then the days press on and you achieve your goal and you carry water.
You realized that you are not the only being that exists, that the rest of reality is at least as important than you, that helping life helps us all.
You realize that realities light has always been shining that you were always with it and it was with you.

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A little work here, a little work there. [Dec. 5th, 2016|12:15 am]
Filled out to grant applications so that I can focus on a few projects I would like to complete.
Attended an engagement that focused on completion of the application. Though I felt the encouragement and other information was the most useful, and there was also permission. With these components life can get a little better if we are willing to work towards it.

It will not matter who is the victor it never has. The victory is in the footsteps no matter how many, or how far we have follow the wind or the spiral, as long as we do our best to keep on moving towards the destination of completion.
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Doorways of Perception : Book Response [Dec. 3rd, 2016|07:56 pm]
This is the book that inspired Dr. Strange.
It is the third book of Mr. Huxley's I've read.
Still it is one of the better works that I have read, and though it to some degree is deeply ingrained with drugs and I know the devils and angels that are produced from their pharmacopeia. These little pills tabs and buttons changing and augmenting physiology, and being.

The short term impact is often the least disconcerting, it is the long term negative impact that is a greatest concern to me. If we could know if the individual would react well and not find some biophysiological mechanism unlocked, I would say hurrah what's the worry. I know though that their are key's to doors that are best left shut.

In the stories of drugs it's always the question of the pickle, you put the cucumber into vinegar salt and spice for long enough and one day the cucumber becomes the pickle and no one knows when.

Let us move past that layer of the onion though, the book is about the transcendent mind, it is about the mind awake, the mind that for what ever reason is burning chrome. The light is on and the connections are go.

This book has been written in a great many bibles but this book is short just a few pages, and while it is dense it is completely worth the ride. I think Huxley had a good idea about the luminance of the Buddha mind, the mind awake.

So for a short trip outside of the box, through symbolmantic shifts take a ride on the magic carpet and outside of the locked door to the world of the mind wide open.
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6 Minutes of Sunshine [Nov. 24th, 2016|11:32 pm]
We have six minutes until we see the last rays of sol.
In this time we have a bit of time for contemplation.
Taking a sip of tea, and enjoying the last warmth, the last light.

In between two eternal voids, little rays of lights sharding out into an ultimate infinite reality.
Humming to ourself at the last light, we take our last sip of tea.
Thank you for the six minutes of sunshine, till the end of all time.
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On the Subject of Thankfulness [Nov. 24th, 2016|10:29 pm]
It is with great gratitude that I am able to lay these keys, in keys and hashes hidden in nations on servers throughout the world.

I am greatful for all of the hackers that have fought for freedom, who have written such beautiful and ugly code that glues together this modern world.

I am thankful for all of the good rebels that have every lived. I am grateful for their civil disobedience.

I am grateful for the people of the first nations who now as we speak fight for us all. They fight for us all, what ever lives on this planet they fight for they have died for. They have given there blood for us. They danced for us and our anscestors in their ghost dance and where slaughtered for their act.

The ghosts still live with me and they still dance.

My thankfulness only extends so far, we have so much money to kill people we don't even know, to steal blood and treasure again. I don't know why we have to kill so much in a universe this abundance. It maybe that we are all trapped in the mind of lack, and the vision of a prison planet.

Are liberty is in our heart and among the stars.
There are so many world out in all of the cosmos that we all could have a world to call our own, but would we want to live in that fortress of solitude.

It is only with a concordance of higher ideals and new constitutions that we might forge ahead, to see a vision that we might keep.

Thank you to friends I know and have yet to meet, thank you anscestors and Postessesors

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A Fire was Lit [Nov. 11th, 2016|01:56 am]
The wood burning stove works.
It has only heated the house by ten degrees currently.
A friend of mine said I have not burned this fire long enough.

I will probably have this unit replaced and a larger stove installed.
The ceiling will be completely covered in mirrored insulation in the next few days.
I have interior lights powered by the sun, and windows that collect light for the night.

Still technology to be forged and produced more innovation that no one else has.

It's been cold for about a month and a half at night. I was able to get the sun room in the front of my house upto 80's with my small heater.

The book is a little over halfway done.
I still have 4 chapters to finish before it's in the alpha stage.
It would be nice fore everything to be a little more expedient, though that's not how it works in life.
Things almost always take longer than we think.
Uploaded art so I can share that work over the next week.

Other projects have been frozen.
It is my hope that they will have new life again soon and finished soon as well, so I can get onto the other work. There is a sea of work within me.
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Outside of the Lines of the graph [Nov. 4th, 2016|03:34 pm]
Where are the radicals too alive for the mellow melancholy of the dour downspout grey malaise of this maledictorous world.

Where are the composite the full energy full state dream drifters.
Rifting displacers energy dancers.
Spaceship trips to inner space.

Freedom Liberated Lovers.
Exalted energy spirits.
The rule breaking band of goodness.
The daydream believers.

Write that epic elegaic cuineform visual concrete rhyme and meter.

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On the Status of Play [Nov. 2nd, 2016|11:52 pm]
The game is sometimes carried out as a work of art.
Each move and counter move musical.
Now we move again and proceed to play the game in the mind then on the board.

What is the spirit of the game.
Only now the structure is building up.
New we puzzle and question.

The game sometimes a shitstorm it is a gone loaded the wrong way the bullet hits you.
Play being a wounding weapon and broken in that days events murphy happily crapping up.
I II III Lose.

Games crop up in games bubbles in glasses reflection of bubbles exuding ambient and focused rays.
When we play at one level we move but don't play.
When we play next we play but don't move.
When we play next we become the game.
When we play next we play another game all together.

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A little rest [Oct. 26th, 2016|09:29 am]
Rest restoring your neurochemistry, that which is used up in a day and with the cleansing of the synaptic gap a sensation of peace flows through you. The joys of a nocturne well spent to bring you back to peace in a day.
To heal cure restore, rest and activity are the panacea though all within measure and all within bounds. A chorus of complement.

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Black Hole In My Soul [Oct. 25th, 2016|09:39 pm]
Some days the nagging voice that to me is a void spot without nature energy and being and yet terrible beyond words and measure.
This voice so haunting a constant drum.

How do you shut it off, does love do it consideration living.
The preiest was right about a black heart but not for the reason that he said.
It is not Jesus that has damaged me but people, and the world.
The violent ceasless ignorant active world.
That tries everyday to swallow me up.

I am going to shine through my darkness, I am going to, overcome this terror.
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