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Sometimes Good Vibes Give me Bad Vibes [Jul. 29th, 2016|01:07 pm]
Your good vibes only; brings me down, it is unreal. Living in a place where real people struggle for food and there next day I cannot stand behind such statements and it's not that I am not digging a bit of happiness here our there.  It is a contention that sort of statement still tells you not to feel or only feel one way or you are only a real person if you are as such. It is these conditionals that are a deep source of alienation, marketers and sales people love your feelings of inadequacy and prey upon them.

You are their food.

Feel the feels, think the thunks.
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A Hope [Jul. 21st, 2016|11:48 pm]
I hope the best pharmacological scientists design less addictive and harmful pain killers.
Or who knows we might see more loved ones strung out at the end of their lives.

It would be nice to also design more medicines that work more kindly with those that are harmed by their own minds.
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Cycles of pain [Jul. 21st, 2016|11:44 pm]
A saddness passes over me and through me.
Still unaware of what I can do what can be done.
It's this ignorance that has me hurt.
How can it be three cycles of abuse.

A Dr. writes a scrip now the Dr. a Dopeman.
One of my oldest loves strung out.
Am I asking the question improperly?

What are the questions I should ask, what should I do with my questions.
I will think march and hope, because I may know in time or I may not.
Hope the little light and the march.

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Selling Shadows [Jul. 20th, 2016|11:20 pm]
A note soon to be lost.
A message soon to be forgotten.
Shadows written on paper forgotten.

Sojourns song left dancing with sharks in the dead lights.
The only thing left is letters in red on paper bleeding with ideas.
Books, words ideas out of fashion.

While we all get sold down the river, and played like a weeping harp.
Ends of notes stubbed while we forget again and again.
The amnesia never ends.
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What'sa Birda With York [Jul. 14th, 2016|07:33 am]

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Polymorphic Recombinatorial Vessel [Jul. 14th, 2016|07:31 am]

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Veritas Fantastique in Blue Masquerade [Jul. 8th, 2016|12:55 am]
The feather is falling in the vacuum.
It's strange they look at the glass cylinder and they cannot see the falling or will not accept the gravity of our situation.
The domino's are crashing all around us loudly and no one will listen.

We are in one of the most interesting of all known times that has been here on this planet and so few can see the beauty of the numbers dance. So few were privy to be shared the wonders of the language that is the universe, and we are starving for it starving for the pristine beauty and the prescient language.

Clearly the book written decades ago is coming to a head and we could do something in this right now, but as always the people ahead of the curve are seen as kooks. Nothing new really.

I wrote them all 14 years ago and that number will grow and I see clearer now what must be done and am doing some of the things in this very moment.

It can never be trusted to others to build an ark they just won't do it.
Right now we need an ark as much as we did then, though the disaster now is something else entirely and yet still the same as before.

Energy moving in unexpected or expected ways running amok.

So build your 1000 tree spires full of algae and bloom while you still have a chance. The good news is that even if we don't survive a few other species will though they will probably not make it to this point where we can send messages in the air among minds.

I still fight for the lights even as they cascade off all around me.
A whole ecological engineering has yet to be implemented and must we could take care of 100 times our population on this earth with the right innovation though at that point we will have to leave out into the cosmos to find new homes.

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Ten Thousand Pounds of Pain [Jul. 6th, 2016|05:40 pm]

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Splinters to heavy to carry [Jul. 4th, 2016|10:02 am]
Stepping into my old home, stepping into the ghosts of memory.
Working on the shit that became of the universe that I gave in hope to create better outcomes, the outcomes being jack daniels bottles strewn about the floor and more stories about the chaos within and without.
After working for a few hours my emotions overtake me I am feeling upset and angry and off center.

Later I try to play a game I have known for years and my hearts not in my play and mistakes defeat my half hearted attempt to shift my attention.

The night rolls on and the call to the pd must be made because someone is recreating my life outside of my friends house, is there any help for us. Maybe not but for this one person in this one instance there is as the stitch that saved nine came in time.

To prevent another peron becoming a ghost of the moment, and the shadow of lifes loss.
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Preventing Domestic Abuse [Jul. 4th, 2016|09:19 am]
This last week in between driving out of the city as if I was in gta, and dealing with the wreck and ruin of those who know not how to show or accept love. The latter impacting me heavily throughout my life. I occasionally have the social intelligence of a flea because of this background.

Last night I called the police on a couple having severe problems out front. Most of the time I would chose to have people settle it. Though once the loudness came and the threat of taking a person all stop. I called I left my statement and I am sure I will do this again and again throughout my life. Since no one is coming to save us but us, and the hearts and minds of mankind has evolved little over the ages.

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