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Change Log Psychic Arcana 10/20/2014 [Oct. 20th, 2014|01:35 am]
 All Colored Symbols have been completed for a while.
Tweaks and class additions.

Layed out all paths, Started working on island path.

Created helper app to help me to create ascii art and get it imported more quickly into app.

Colored text for start up in relation to colored mana.

Artclass created

Howl from beyond first art import success.


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Still Have the Touch [Oct. 17th, 2014|04:01 am]
We made it to California today it was a good trip.

I ended up playing a draft and winning it all, I have not played in over two years.
I still have the touch.

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The Road Ahead [Oct. 16th, 2014|09:47 am]
There is still more road ahead than behind.
We made it to Elko Nevada, after visiting Boulder Colorado the Watercourse in Colorado was very nice.
The establishment was well designed, the art was enjoyable even if it would not be things that I would enjoy in my own domocile.
Other than the frozen magnetic waves which was a joy.
Went to a nice bookstore that would have been lovely to sit and read at, and the Wizards chest toystore.

Nature has been all around us on the journey and it is more joyous peaceful and serene to me than the things that man makes.
Salt lake city utah is very remote.

My phone keypad is acting up and my tablet broke a few days ago.
I wanted to read with it, back to the laptop.

Currently in Elko Nevada will be leaving in the next few hours to go to California.

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The Eagle has landed [Oct. 14th, 2014|10:45 am]
Very few places do not have monetary pressures in a city. It was incredibly frustrating and expensive living on the street for two days.
A man named David ended up helping me in Indianapolis and it seemed he needed help as well.
So we found a place to sleep outside for three hours on a museum path behind a wall and a sculpture.
I gave him a jacket because he did not have one, and some money for food.
It was a good day.

Picked up around ten am, we slept in the truck the first day.
Travelled out to Colorado.

On the road again to Reno and California.

Then taking a train back to Detroit see you around the 27th.

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Friends with friends Indianapolis indiana [Oct. 12th, 2014|12:11 pm]

Arrived 4:30 am Megabus From Detroit

I have a friend that I am supposed to be meeting in Indianapolis sometime today.
He left from Georgia this morning. I guess there is bad weather and it might hold him up.

It would be nice to have a shower and a friend I have yet to meet thank you.

Currently Wandering Indianapolis

Matthew 248 2914133

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Divine Blessings [Oct. 10th, 2014|09:02 am]
From Dust and Ash to Rebirth.

I was divinely blessed with a house in Ferndale, for which I have no mortage.

Now I travel to California to help a friend.
The adventurers way.

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First Amazon Dividends [Oct. 6th, 2014|10:08 pm]
The check is for $5.54 and it is some of the money that makes me the most proud that I have ever earned.
The work generated on the inside has an impact on the outside.
So that cranks me up to about $100 dollars total for writing so far on this planet.

My art started at half of that, and now I have made close to $200 with art.

The real dividends though are friendships and the sharing of intellectual pursuits.

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Vicissitude Lives [Oct. 2nd, 2014|12:58 pm]
in the outbreak I hear it's cries, its want for transmogrification.
Augmentation, and rapid evolution sought.
Spreading out it's red blood and death.

Vissiitude lives.

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To the Spirits I offer you these words a sacrifice this month. [Oct. 2nd, 2014|11:44 am]
1. A Vampires Memoir By: Stephan Handbringer
Free Book Promotion October 3, 2014 October 7, 2014 5 day(s)
2. Tales from the Hand: A Sojourns Song

3. Tales of the hand Going Home
Free Book Promotion October 7, 2014 October 11, 2014 5 day(s)

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MMm Mumbly Pixels [Sep. 29th, 2014|10:10 pm]
MMm Mumbly Pixels Post Cards
MMm Mumbly Pixels by unixarcade

MMm Mumbly Pixels Pixels pixies pushing rez blitbliting lightning trees for metareflective modalities.

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