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The Face of Despair [Nov. 27th, 2015|10:11 pm]
An edge so close, a vision past the precipice.
The void standing out  an unending pit.
Crumbles fall below.

She jumps.
He hangs.
More blood than either body, more loss than either mind.

Pain melting us.
A loss of hope.

An end of days.
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A gift to those that suffer [Nov. 24th, 2015|10:37 pm]
I tried to give my book away when I finished writing it and I did to some that I thought could use it or have been touched by suffering in an incredibly deep way.

This is my work and while it is available to give to you freely I do.
For if I can help one being suffer slightly less then my life has been fulfilled.
Thank you for the oppurtunity to help.

Stories of Sane
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We, The Shameful Killers [Nov. 23rd, 2015|03:18 pm]
We the shameful killers.
Since we provide so little for one another.
We find ourselves always staring at the monsters we create.
Then we ask why they are monsters.
I cry for you, the last of your kind: may you be saved from the horrors of our heart.
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Basic Problems [Nov. 19th, 2015|04:44 pm]
It would seem to me that the solubility of a number of world issues are due to small but important problems that impact all humans. Water, basic rescource accessiblity and education.
These problems solved solve nearly all humanities problems.
There are things that will not be resolved due to our nature and if we keep on selecting for attributes and deriving cultures based on confrontation and conflict we will have those outcomes.

Education has the ability to resolve give ourselves enough base information to make choices that are in greater benefit to the many.
Though this often time takes work on the heart.
Without work on the heart we always see ourselves as singularly important and it's just not true.
That view is so limited and short sighted. We think in terms of days or hours not years and decades, and further for cycles of hundreds or thousands of years.

I have looked at time maps and seen social ideas have taken about a hundred years to run there full course twenty years of planting fifty years of growing thirty years of being replaced, and the cycle runs over and over.

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Truce [Nov. 17th, 2015|08:29 am]
Today in this concord we fight strength to declare truce.
Against those laws for which we can no longer agree that finds us all blush to the lack of civility of our union of humanity.
It would seem that if one should be faithful they should be faithful to their kindness and love for these things in union are unlike all other things we might do.

These are unifying emotions whereas so many of our other emotional comport causes discord.
By solving basic problems we might remit the attrocities of the futures.
The scars of that past will remain, and in time should be less painful.

We have lost too much on both sides, but those who benefit will not stop until they have been undone.
We must then find away to starve the disease of hatred, and find unified problems to solve because there are certainly more pressing issues than our colors or our faiths, because mindless mountains move in the universe that through gravitation will crush us, or our waters will pollute us and spread disease as they already do.

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The person I did not know [Nov. 17th, 2015|08:20 am]
To you person  I did not know, maybe I would have not liked you as a person, but it does not mean I could not have cared.

We share reflections of similar histories yet your choices branched you off into the spiral of your families remorse.
I know you needed an ear, a shoulder, a heart that reached out to you that could help you to understand your pains.
Few will fill that role, listen to the winds and watch the birds sing.
Know the rivers sing and dance out there in the universe.
The winds and wilds can guide you when no other voice can.

We are never alone always with the universe on our travels as we travel within it, as our own variant expression.

Sorry that you had to go in the way you did, I wish others would know your story, I am sure they will ignore it.
It is hard to see past our own pain or pleasure and to do something outside of the nature of our wants.

Occasionally people do and it makes all the difference.
May others find the sounding boards of their resolutions, and be resolved to better days for life unlike themselves, and things they might not be able to like, yet still love them.

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12,746 Days [Nov. 13th, 2015|12:44 am]
Constraints more a reality of some's lives than others.
Might we sum another solution.
How often have will I miss things I want to attend.
Sacrifice seems to be part of the name of the game, and the bigger the ambition the bigger the sacrifice.

The larger the vision the more potential that you will be bloodied in their creation.
Eventually if they are embraced they become ordinary except to the extraordinary, who know how amazing everything really is.
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Off the Grid for Six Months [Nov. 13th, 2015|12:24 am]
Before this, I saw a house with framing ready for insulation and vision, and little by little.
Insulation up. Drywall up.
A need for a grid and now a mini grid, that will grow and flourish.
A bed on the floor becoming a space pod to take me home.
Anti intellectual america and it still is, it likes shallow pools not oceans.

It is terrified of it's own potential.
Though the fear has been fed day after day and year after year.
One day we might not be able to stomach the fear any more or the hate.

Now little by little I have over came many of the problems of survival.
Still a few to solve, still a many problems with solutions that could be more elegant beautiful or economic.

Having some heat in the winter is a joy, I have ideas to more conveniently and less expensively solve the problem then I currently do, but there are constant restraints constant struggles. It seems worth it though since the value of life is in it's quality and not its duration.
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Reflections Flower [Nov. 8th, 2015|11:01 pm]

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Green screens burned in [Nov. 2nd, 2015|10:11 pm]
The words, the charachters, the codes where have you gone.
Now I have aching muscles and aching days.
The city revitalizes, and I grind out.

Explosive tnt how now we tat the charachters the aching muscles and minds.
Still text burn in mind as an old black and green letters sitting there still wanting.

Still these words these tests.
We test these words these codes our wetware put to the test.
Becoming bionic without knowing it.
Cyborg slowly as each piece of us becomes replaced, and we too replaced.

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