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Relief in an urgent cry [Aug. 1st, 2015|10:48 pm]
I hear the scream, set to motion.
My legs move before my mind.
The youth by the elevator screaming.
Are they ok.

I run.
I see nothing else, and I blur, my legs and body moving before my mind.
There I stand, nothing to worry about.
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Adventures in vacuforming [Jul. 18th, 2015|02:10 pm]
Simply by molding interskeletal carbon fiber bodies for planes trains and automobiles we could set our metals to better use and we also could use stronger materials. With this we could also engage in much faster testing to product stages. Further the robotics would be in the mold making and the vacumn former, you could use computationally controlled vacumns to create morphic forms that could be augmented by data. These vacuums pulling against a membrane until you get form. One device instead of many robots, one robot many forms.

The shells could then have one internal unit that drives the machine if mechanical this could become a trade out for a new machine a few clicks and replacement complete.
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Magnetofluxmorphology [Jul. 18th, 2015|02:01 pm]
If one was to compute the flux angle in period, along with an arc angle one could forge magnetic material with electromagnetic force alone.

So the process is completed with modern technology though the process could be done with field alone with practice.
Through CAMing the arc to the magnetic moment where the magnetic field is introduced pulling the material, in a fast fix situation the material would cool to form and you would continue the process until the full form was pulled from matter field and flux.
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So you want to be wealthy, fine, Agricultural Drones [Jul. 17th, 2015|08:42 pm]
As we keep killing off our pollinators unintentionally we have to reengineer microdrones to pollinate plants, flowers. Vanilla and Saffron would have yields that we have never seen since these are hand pollinators and if we could take the hand out of the e pollination we could have more of both.

This is true for plants that do not need such delicate pollination or care either.
We may be able to create a artificial pollen metasperma that drones that could billow forth small clouds of metasperma that could then be introduced to the plants in much the way that we dusted crops in the past with pesticide. Further we could create this material that had different properties such as hydrophobia or hydrophilia to attract or keep away water where necessary.
The large are the things that have already been seen or being done though we might want to do them more quickly because improved agricultural science can improve the life of all creatures on this planet if we would control our own spread so that life as it is can have it’s place and we ours. That and when we look up there is allot of space that has no life and it is more than possible for there to be life on many of these bodies with the right ingenuity.
We can continue to change and improve all life with improved materials science, the legos that we all build with.

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Networks, an unmatched, match [Jul. 17th, 2015|08:29 pm]
If artificial intelligence or intelligence does not process information in the same way, yet comes up with the same solution. I think that in an evalutory manner this would be fine. So if the network never sees an animal in the way we do and yet is still able to determine the equivalency of the animal then the network would know the animal without the same understanding.

Though we could say the same thing between ourselves that we might have a richer experience with a thing or an idea and when we recall the thing or idea we have a lushness that is not matched by the other individual though we might still have evaluatory equivocation.

Though the products of those differences if strong enough can become our art to share something we see deeply or differently so that we might help to train other networks to connect or abstract. Which leads to metaphor connection and the ability to further abstract an idea.
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An general method for olfactory experimentation [Jul. 17th, 2015|08:09 pm]
Stainless steel track, with petri dishes sterilized paper with essence bestowed upon paper. Other senses muted through headgear. Placebo with sugar water smear.  A minute between trials.

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Tethering Strategy until things change and they will. [Jul. 16th, 2015|02:33 pm]
Since there is limited tethering bandwidth.
I stream with the phone, and compute with the connection.
It will be nice when we implement the technology to make the connections even faster, and hopefully reduce the cost so the internet is available for more people.
Its nice seeing computing devices that are inexpensive it allows computing to be available to people who otherwise would be unable to afford it.

Still it probably needs to become more inexpensive because I am sure their are plenty of people in the world that the internet is barred to because of it's cost.

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An ocean of connection [Jul. 14th, 2015|11:19 am]
Beautiful minds touched with color and sorrow.
A dividing line.
Maddness but a touch.

Ideas blasting from their soul.
Too bright burning vivid color.
Beauty of a sight unseen.

Prose and poetry from this line to that.
Code and mathematics from this mind to chat, and chat they did or did not.

Bards and bawdy its so tawdry on a sundry sunday afternoon.
Date and time passes as marks made for processing.
Inputs and outputs inside and out.

An ocean of connection.
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Left, Right, Left, Right, Left [Jul. 13th, 2015|12:03 am]
Our feet annointed we secure our sandals.
We prepare for the march.
The march takes us through fields and streams.

The march continues we are met with victories and retreats.
We continue.
We meet our destination, we are welcomed.

We continue marching in our hearts.

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A ragged rough draft one [Jul. 11th, 2015|02:32 pm]
A ragged copy of rough draft one came out last night.
Probably at least nine more iterations before I will have something I would be happy sharing with a larger audience.
I discovered a few things I still have to add to make the book more helpful for others.
That is one of the joys of the grind, you still have to grind to finish though, and the iterations matter whether anyone will read the work or not. The work itself is it's own joy. It helping others, or them enjoying it is as important, but without the first component you never get the second.

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