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Formless Form [Aug. 23rd, 2016|11:53 pm]

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Mind Sailing [Aug. 23rd, 2016|11:48 pm]

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Other Worlds Marching in Cadence [Aug. 23rd, 2016|11:45 pm]

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Floating Brain Bio [Aug. 23rd, 2016|11:40 pm]

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To the Cosmos I Sing [Aug. 20th, 2016|09:52 am]
No eyes needed to read these words for the cosmos is what I sing from my heart to: No earthen home or being.
In those daynights those voidbeing I know my way. In completions and circles. Full universal cosmos hyperspheres.
Full bodied dimensionality a composition of all.
To the cosmos I sing.

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A Bards Song [Aug. 20th, 2016|09:46 am]
Feelings a tsunamic rush.
To the water the twigs are the same as massive trees fractal forces pushing to scale.
So much of nature’s force rings exponential bells until our current models fail us.
The dissenting voice and clarion call has always been heard a voice of madness until the ages see it as plain, I still look at those clouds and know there songs and howls.
Time unlike our experience everything ever both done and undone.
Vibratory emanations still playing the cosmos music’s in every frequency.

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The Matter of Sound [Aug. 17th, 2016|10:12 am]
On those days of Ice fire steel and Blood.
Dig in your heals.
Grit and push as dirt and sand fly and mix with blood.

Those threaded days cut short by teeth and stone.
When the furies come singing our song and we ride with the valkaries to stovokor.
Where the letters cut like knives through souls of men and beast.

The dangers of the words living and their shadowed sense.
Though we sing those multiphonal polyphonal multivoiced tangential arrays into and beyond existence.
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The Ungoverned [Aug. 15th, 2016|09:18 pm]
The world before worlds left and before beginnings and endings.
Voices and songs that can never be sung.
A panoply of things that are undefined self-definition.

Open of a vast way.
An open light crossing through and in all.
Loves not understood and mesmerism dancing.

Freedom so burning its terrifying take me to those fires waters.
Let me be as thee to see beyond the shadows of the veil.
To lose the personal I again.

To stand against all free and burning.
Fully alive fire dance singing waters songs on earth dreams magic imbued in visions songs sensations.
Feeling the words songs light augment the conscious.

Freedom breathed in through any mouth breathing in anyway with any particulate mix.
To exhale and stand with and against all.
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Fallen Friend [Aug. 14th, 2016|08:23 pm]
I see my fallen friend.
Lying down below.
Where are you?

Where have you gone?
I will miss you.
I will march.
May my life as yours be a bridge to help even a little.

Your life a moment a snapshot of an instant of it's reality.

Thank you for the sharing of that moment, on the march.

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An Expression of Flight [Aug. 12th, 2016|10:44 pm]

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