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Change Log Psychic Arcana [Aug. 27th, 2014|09:16 pm]
Built out swamp story slightly further

Created a Console Cleaning class that I also added to empty_Dungeon

Regionized Choices in Swamp Decision Tree

Created An attack choice that I will probably convert to a method

Created Animation Class that also laughs
        currently implemented where characters die

A few minor tweaks


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Running C# in a Number of Environments [Aug. 27th, 2014|12:52 pm]
Options because you love those

Mono Cross Platform and IDE

Dev Tools


Visual Studio Express C#


Xamarin develop cross-platform apps in C#.


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To do / Self Thinking [Aug. 25th, 2014|11:26 pm]
Need to do more write ups for images

Need to do one more through read through of the book that is waiting for it's  publication.

Plans need to be shared.

Other stories need to be tweaked and shared.

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Change Log Psychic Arcana / Empty Dungeon Adventure [Aug. 25th, 2014|11:21 pm]
Empty dungeon Adventure

Cleaned code
Game loop
Updated Readme to Reflect Changes in CodeBase

Psychic Arcana
Game Loop
Cleaned up code
Added More Regions

Worked a little bit on the story
Prepped a class to hold helper classes

I have sharded code that needs to be resolved to the project


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It's Alive and other stories [Aug. 24th, 2014|11:23 pm]
I still have more than several lifetimes of work that I have not shared but.

The good news is that the empty text adventure is becoming much richer.
It has colored ascii graphics, speech synthesis, code regions, a small choice tree to scale out, and a number of other things.
All in all it's starting to be a very nice place to start a game. :)

The game that I am working on Psychic Arcana

You can help out if you want by buying me tea thank you. :)

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Cognito Shift [Aug. 21st, 2014|05:53 pm]
Cognito Shift Post Cards
Cognito Shift by unixarcade

You the destroyer of worlds, the iconoclasm. The mind deriver of idea. May you perplex always the paradigmn. May you forever seek. The question is the answer.

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Brgratzztzti [Aug. 21st, 2014|05:50 pm]
Brgratzztzti Postcard
Brgratzztzti by unixarcade

In a world that would not understand you, that was both cruel and ignorance, you choice peace and wisdom. May your species be known throughout the universe. May the song of life be hear forever throughout all time.

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simple update [Aug. 20th, 2014|11:15 pm]
posted images
worked on text adventure
biked to .net meeting

I have things to write and share.

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GitHub Pages [Aug. 16th, 2014|10:58 am]

So if you want your the projects that you are creating to have spiffy pages you can automagically generate pages from your readme files from git hub, this creates a branch then you can edit the branch and push your changes so that your project can be more available, and spiffed out to the world, all while being hosted on octocat incs servers.

So serve it out there and generate.

The example of a generated site.

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Tomorrow [Aug. 14th, 2014|09:25 pm]
Tomorrow is the last day of the program I have been in, I have met and worked with lots of wonderful people.
I am glad that I have had this chance. I also am grateful for the understanding of my friends and family in this time that I have used well.

The project is going well, I need to get back to work.

The CommYOUnity

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