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The souless world [Jun. 23rd, 2012|03:33 pm]
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Eyes dulled down an amber autumn passing through the fall of their life.
With nothing left to live.

Meandering through the gardens of ideas bastions of hope in luminous grounds of hearts and minds.
Understanding and seeing all whose paint turns flat and flecks off into the ceaseless winds.
Somber the world of the souless walking forever in the gloom.
Today we act even as those would glower in their infernal cantankerous activities.

Act we must and act we will as this souless world consumes us.
Captive with glamour we might alight the world.
Tacked upon the the oriental blue  strewn with clouds and stars out their in all of the possible imaginations.

Firefly's still burn skies even as tonal greys would seek to sap the contrast from all things.
Read into ones own nature the life that rests recursive.
Engineered the life of those self created.
Entertain the enlightened moment when you can laugh with a stranger.

So that we might not live in a world where we say hello and not mean it.