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Another Project Complete: Imperium Du Sang Now Read on Youtube : And other Updates [Dec. 1st, 2017|03:13 pm]
Last month was not nearly as fiscally successful as I was striving for. Still two estate sales completed, and other work done. I would say it's a success. More importantly though I finished a project that I started last year and it took me to Dec 1 to complete. :) .

Imperium Du Sang is know complete as a Book, an Ebook, and Youtube project!

The base layout for the internet project / software project / movie for Intra Locution a Cyberia Advent is setup.
I will probably work on it some more later this evening.

Hope you are all well, and completing projects. :)
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Updates like Chapters [Nov. 21st, 2017|11:18 pm]
I am racing against the hours of my day, trying to get the most out of my minutes.
It's a challenge to get everything I would like to in a day with my own efforts.
Still I race on knowing it's what I have so it is what I must utilize fully.

Pushing this hard for nearly 10 years now. slowly I see results here and there.
Many large milestones have been hit many more to come.
Hopefully the universe and good friends and new friends will help me to carry out the missions of this chapter of my life.
Will I make it to my wilting years. Still I think there is two chapters until then. No one knows but still we must plan.

It sometimes takes me years to do some things I have promised but many of these promises too I have checked off.
I try not to make many promises because when I do I intend to keep them.

With that I get back to work only another hour or so left, then I will collapse from the things I have accomplished today.
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A Reason for the Season [Oct. 28th, 2017|08:57 pm]
I like the whys and always have, a million why's and a million more please pour questions at my door.
How it works how it functions I want to know, let me know, beginner mind, open mind, ready.
Working I work so hard for us, I know my life is not simply about myself, making others peoples lives better improves all of our lives. Planting trees improves life for so many. I love you nature, you are within and without.

Wild with wisdom, a shamanic appropriament.
Somethings are too dangerous for once.
Consequences do happen.

Choose life, choose living, live today, live today!
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December Babies [Oct. 28th, 2017|08:44 pm]
Time and time again, I was not ready, I was not prepared for the gravity of a choice that impacts all.
The choice of life is a significant one it is tremendous in it's responsibility and care.
I don't take life lightly.
My flesh has died more than once in this life, so I know the blessing of life.
Through pain I also know it's curses.
I would not bring another into this world with out great care.
Talking with you at night we talked about the when, and I was committed my promise was gold and so was my heart.
Never before was it my will to see a December baby.
My work is always heavy and much, that is the price of freedom, that is the price of sailing your own ship into those unknown waters.

We had to make it to December to see your babies, your womb had to be kind before it could be the vessel for the quickening.
Why would you harm the unprotected, why do you want to be the spartan test?
You thought I was not funny when I talked to you about a truth of a harsh world.
You wanted to put the baby through great trials in your form.

May your dreams come true when you are kind to you and you are ready for december babies.
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I put my boots on today to march, still I serve. [Oct. 26th, 2017|07:58 am]
Oaths taken oaths granted, words become flesh.

I put my boots on to march, this is not the first time it might not be the last.
There are many leagues to go, and the destination is that bright country.
Day after day, I have become less and less man and more and more virtue.
What is it to live as an ideal.
Still, I serve.

It is not the same as being an imperfect being made of flesh.
An idea and love are fires that burn off our mortality and leave us with new being.
I put my boots on today to march as compassion.

I carried water then, I carry water now.
Still, I serve.
Still, I march, in stillness and a central voice deep in my breast, and it breathes light.
Life made me, life transformed me.
Still, I serve.

Moments gazing at heavens known-unknown being and no-thing.
The immaterial idea more real than all flesh, and bound in fleshes encoding.
I put my boots on today.
Still, I serve.
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Conceptualis Emergent [Oct. 21st, 2017|10:15 am]
Pair by pair permutive names encoded on protiens.
Chained neucleotides singing out a panopoly of life.
Dreams encoded in flesh.

Permutive me named first in ideoform, then flesh.
To imagine and create potentiation achieved.
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Soul walking through crowns of paint a po boy sings a creole dream. [Oct. 21st, 2017|08:57 am]

If I burned crowns and roses, would you know that death was no obstacle. Could you see the pain scrawled across the sky. Would you see us there in those moments of eternity. Would you see the thousand hours of paint and lost dreams, in moments we've forgotten. Do you remember the secret of the stars and the pacts made in a spotless night. Do you remember the creole soul that painted secrets still in the face of many. You know the secret of the stars is hidden in the hearts of paint made new. The paintings with my blood still have my voice. As I write ten thousand burning hearts out there in our stars. - B

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Take not the slow death. [Oct. 16th, 2017|11:01 am]
Face yourself, look at your heart.
Love yourself to health and well being.
Find contentment.

In contentment breath the dreams alive.
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Reflecting Pool 10 15 2017 [Oct. 15th, 2017|11:36 pm]
I am achieving the things I have set out to do one by one.
Many things could have happened sooner if some of the choices I wanted to make went through, we can't see the visions of others even as we would express them to one another.
Sometimes I wonder if we are listening to each other at all.  I imagine we try but our signals for things can be so radically different that they don't localise in the other persons brain.

Still one by one I knock on the sky and help us all.
Little by little.
I have shared so much information here, I have seen things I have written about and shared with governements and people consistently become the now.

My work and money is also slowly touching all areas of the globe.

Our life is not just for the personal but for the us, and the cosmos.
We exist because huge deciscion trees collapsed in our probability space.
Now I will gaze upon the wonder of the isness.

Gaze upon the logotic forms and meditate and act.

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Loveliness [Oct. 14th, 2017|12:56 pm]
Loveliness, came to me if for but a moment, and gave so much back to me.
I felt my will, in my bones, I feel my courage now.
Time will tell if the medicine will take.
Entering into the moment in an active stillness, in a new hope.

Keeping all promises, though timelines are not always so clear.
The murkyness of the unknown.
Knowing that I was fighting for more than just myself.
Working towards a beautiful life.

So the spark came and left, but the fire is still within me.
It burns brighter now.
Sometimes to get to where you are you have to do miraculous things, these things take herculean effort.

The we ness of we, issing to the cosmos, so we work dream, and maintain until the work is fulfilled.
When the work is fulfilled the promises can be seen as met.

I chant to myself in the small of my heart, I am love, I am compassion.

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