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Let's Make Peace card game by Matthe Richard Kowalski [Apr. 11th, 2018|09:26 pm]
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Peace is played by 2 players with a standard deck of playing cards. Start by splitting the deck in two piles. Then both players flip a card from any where in there deck without looking. Highest card wins the book but the cards are removed from deck. Play continues until there are no cards left in decks or you cannot play another card with your friend.

In situations where two cards have the same face value you flip another card over until there are no more matching pairs to the cards flipped.

After matches are made each individual sets aside at the maximum 3 cards both players set aside same amount of cards. Then both players select a number between 1 and a 100 if players are within ten numbers then maximum number of cards are removed from piles. If the difference is within 20 both players remove 1 card from play.

Continue playing until you cannot play any longer or deck runs out of cards.

Can be played as many times as you like.

At the end of the game a hug is exchanged.

Then cooperatively do a project together or do something nice for the participant or someone else.

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I would rather have friends than weapons. [Apr. 8th, 2018|09:11 am]
As my ideas one by one have become real. I want to focus on positive ideation. I know though that the most dangerous software is disembodied. That this software holds the keys and the codes to make the badaboom.

One wary instruction set and the russian nuclear missle that blows up a third of texas instead blows up the whole of moscow.

Nuclear capability is amazing in space. It is the gorgons eye and elephants foot here.

Ai has the potential of being an amazing friend in a lonely world. To an AI your status and dominance means very little. If you are interfaced with this technology it can augment your IO and if it can do that you are the black box in the black box. Unaware that you are unaware.

I know the machine you already live in is grinding away at you. Thats why you have to steal a moment to make an impact. We influence the real.

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Solar Babies [Apr. 6th, 2018|12:56 am]
Panspermia potentiality planets and potential.
Living information, an ark we encode and decipher bring with us across the chasms of universalities. We implant and tend to that which is living information.

With us we take our gene printers and we take to the stars to bring the families of the trees of all life with us. We spring anew in life and it's hope it's potential.
One more spin through energy-rich materia.
One more meditation on the beauty of now.

We life connected bring hope with us as good stewards.
Life finds away among the stars with us and through us.
Living mathematics spreading its spell throughout all.

Enjoy another moment Solar Babies.

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Why the Moai Mourn. [Apr. 6th, 2018|12:40 am]
We proud statues 7 standing legends calling ships to port on a dead man's land.
Lush we were our islands shrouded in the canopies of trees, now you see a grassy hilly domain.
In our earthy bosom hides the hideous grotesque monstrosity of history.

From paradise to death.
I warn set not your fortunes to status or things, without caring for life's domain.
Bounty and verdant life is there for you to cooperate compassionately within.

New seed planted new hope struck.
Serve life.

Or stand as we have with eons on an island that lost it's trees then the people went mad with hunger. They became their food until none was left.

Now we vacant calling forever into the eons warning of the perils of avarice.
Be not the hungry ghost.
Live on in life.

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If the Oracle said it does it make it so? [Mar. 25th, 2018|12:46 am]
Taught to calculate without feeling the essential color of that which is counted.
Tempered heart, you want to feel fully.
Mind you know you live in a world of games and you are so good at so many yet a few you flounder at the intricacies of the interpersonal why is it so spectral. Why so many games among the powerless.

Would they ever know that being was enough, does the diatom question why it has a right to be and those that might question it. Is it not enough, and without it, our grandiosity would fail as our lungs would cease to have the oxygen to breath.

Will we survive ourselves, my hope is with the future the potential that we and the trees and the algae will travel to the stars together in an ark filled with DNA. Maybe we will be evolved enough then to tread more lightly, and still go where no one else has gone before.

Perplexed narratives all fighting for airtime, and there are codes at work. Codes controlling screens controlling minds.

Is this screen essential, the marvels of computations are many will we find our balance on the fulcrum that is moving the world?

A life for meaning against all canvases within all lights. Might we paint with hope tomorrow as we become love and compassion, as we are love and compassion?

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The Book Writes itself [Mar. 21st, 2018|10:41 pm]
It is not as if the keys are pressed by the book directly though it might be for a few kinds of books that humans have been playing with since we started to create a mark, though our homoculuses are more prevalent now and there are more wizards in humanity then there have been in quite some time.

Back to the way that books write themselves.
When we set to start a book we may have a title an idea maybe we even start flushing out internal details. Then we work, and as we press keys ideas present themselves.
Eventually we are deep into the work and sometimes the work has veered from the initial intention and moved somewhere unexpected and we have our friends Hansel and Gretel, we follow those breadcrumbs back to mother gooses shoe where our friends the blackbirds are chatting with Humpty Dumpty all the while the gingerbread man is running around harassing everyone that they can't catch him because he is strangely caught in father times glass bead game and fully entangled with a host of possibilities one of them being that no one can catch em.

So tangents take us like unexpected turns in our life and then other minds work on interpretation and they come to discover in work that you have completed shining connections between the islands that seem so disparate but aggregate in fractal series where it seems no connection yet somewhere in the complexity in the turtles that go all the way to the bottom they are there sometimes as a constant of null.

This null might be the most important beloved zero you ever find it might take you generations to discover yet it will be worth it. It is every time. For the games of symbolics increases ever so much with its first mind scrawl.

So the books write themselves if you are willing to press the first key if you take the first stroke on the canvas. The emptiness awaits you.

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Ghetto Child [Mar. 12th, 2018|10:05 am]
Ghetto child will you be remembered when you win their wars.
Will you be loved when your blood spills for them?
Will they remember your life?

You are the hard arching spine of the world and you have lifted all others up in your service.
Who lifts you?

I hope you have found a kind smile and a warm hug from time to time because your life is spartan.
Kingdoms have been built on your back and mind.

Will we take credit when your words spoken are clarion.

Ghetto child if you are not loved by many you are at least loved by one.

May the rose in the concrete grow and multiply until ghettos are no more.
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Turtles sitting in multi state placing n determinant decompostible glass beads at the game [Mar. 11th, 2018|01:43 pm]
Requisite please play for me these super positioned monotonic postulates.
Pristine the crystalline potentialities of time crystals in polaron states.
New matter falling to observation as our tools are more deep and their senses breadth wider.
When we come to design new tools of state to create unimagined senses.

Then though in solute they have been imagined.
Past uncertainties ever ebbing towards certainty until we find new means of calculation.
Tools begetting tools imagining new uses not at first imagined.
Where are the most flexible tools of multifork polymorphic creation?
Function to all function and all function ever expanding outward-inward the cosmic sea of information.

Small imperceptible bubbles finding restriction so that it can be perceived for a moment in cosmic time.
Phasal segmentations of beautiful waves of ideoform playing on the ever stateful quantum foam.
State saturation falling to position 1 creating a moment of reality as we move back to wave.
To be the state of the sunshine positioned upon nervous tissue to create a perceptron decoded.
A melody of love state and beauty.

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Postulating upon Quantum Mind [Mar. 11th, 2018|01:29 pm]
If the Hamerof-Penrose even has some slight reality it would lend itself to some of the minds great ability for creativity.
If the mind is even only slightly quantum, though it may be more so. Since we are dealing with an electric/organic machine which means there are resonant frequencies and therefore leakage and playing with other nearby cells able to receive the harmonizing. That and for the potential, the mind occasionally is in freeform superposition. When we are in this state it is possible to actually look at determine and solve multi-states simultaneously.

Which would lead you to see why occasionally people have solved riddles puzzles and equations in their sleep.
Their conscious firewall is not saying no. They are in a world of position.
So if only slightly true you would be able to see some of the weirdness in mind and understand why some mental conditions are not easily soluble, that and we are coming to understand that our society itself is creating some of the problems by its structure. No real surprise to those observing.

It also shows us the absolute openness and the potentiality of the mind.
So let us boldly go where no one has gone before. ;)

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Strigoi Tech [Feb. 14th, 2018|12:13 am]
A decentralized network application that has a self evolving permuting flux kernel with server flashing capabilities.
Individuals authenticated by permuting quantum cryptography based on flux signatures created by your bioelectric field.
Anonymous stealth sharing to flux torred network.

Unhomed social networks to help to create healthy democratic environments.
Where we win, one for all and all for one. ;)
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