7 Annunaki dreams by Luminosity

In Athena's eyes were set the beloved jewels of glaucos.
Wadjets set forth upon mystic symbols floating nondiscreet boxes in field.
Ancient forgotten wars marked in Vedas.
Hopi's speaking to the ancestors vision quest in the dream time.

Green uranium glass set in lands made deserts and the red irons of they eye of mars above.
Still, we pretend we are sleeping.
We once had a time when there was no poverty when if you needed shelter it was given to you when we lived in peaceable kingdoms that reigned for millennia, and maybe amongst the stars much greater times have folded in the eternal hours.

We can have it again if other life in it's variegated forms was important as our own.
It is the key of peace.

Then the mad men in Ivory towers called out let loose the dogs of war. by Luminosity

Then the madmen in Ivory towers called out, let loose the dogs of war.
They have no stomach for the blood, shit, or flesh released in the machines of war.
Drawing and quartering with a shortsword is something many have forgotten.
It's only with UAV's and missiles that we strike innocents on all sides killing people for power that will kill us all dead.
Dopefiend oil shot in the vein barrel by barrel as black as the heroin I threw away on the day they would go away.
It was so unexpected, the secrets that people keep.
It's no kindness to them not one scar healed by silent violence.

People create bubbles of safety when there is none.
It's an illusion, and the illusion will kill you.
Wake up, wake up, wake up, you are only pretending to be asleep.
Let's play again, our imaginations again, kinder world again.

Wager for me prayers in action of peace.
Put on the linen.
A question for understanding, and Flowers for Algernon, only we are Algernon and we are dying.
Deganawida I tire of the violence and madness of this world.

Be content world seek not for happiness for you will find none in seeking.
Seek not for more and enough will find you.
Eternity is everywhere within and without.
Within and without.

Into the beyond.

Into the beyond.
Into the beyond we journey past the eye of the imagination.
Into the unknown worlds outside of the minds eye theater.
The imaginarium set within and without nette nette.
Amongst the no thing we travel beyond our self.
Leaving our ego behind we step into realization.
So important the unspeakable that we still speak.
Yet for a moment we too are the silence we too are the all are the no thing - nette nette.

Dao we are as we sit in the sangam in prostration.
Sutra spoken from the infinite mudra, the perplex of the infinite being performed silumtaneously.
This and that, that and this, and it's leading infinite trails and super positions.
Super structures of light and shadows from infinite realms becoming as one existing as vapor as memory as ghost.
So soul shell we drive the light being to express the dream light of the waking being breathing the light and it's expression.
Being number and light and the beyond the beyond.
The infinite infinities.
The incomprehensible and that which will not be understood.

Even infinite shadows still burn away, the burning chrome of reflections of the potentium.
In possibility we live the full potentiation of all cast potentials and all of there being through out all realities before and after time.

Matthew Richard Kowalski

SMR Lazer Treatment to reduce Radioactivity in Fukushima Daiichi Waste Water Reserves

To my Japanese friends. Releasing the overflowing waters untreated would not be good for you or the world at large. I understand you need a place to release the waters certainly.

You may however be able to make the water more safe by intense lazer exposure.

How will your produce the energy you ask we will move to mini nuclear reactors that can be moved in case of catastrophic disaster.

You can use small modular nuclear design with transport built into design requirements.

Dream team
David Hanh ( Radio Active Boyscout)
Jackson Oswalt
Paul Christi

Researchers here because they did some of the work with lazers already
Naval Reaction Engineers

Write ups on SMRs

Neon Shadow Ascending

Non embodied abstract mesh symbologies scintillate in my logoform.
Abstract presence in mind field and tangential touchstones to nonrelational stepwise quasimetadimensionalities.
Folded word space playing in mind.
Mindscapes cast in real.
Into the mysteries by means of mythological symbology.
Symbols laden with meaning voluptuously ripe.
Mystical memetics carrying on long term codes to epigenetic epochs.

Switches flitter on and off in the lights dance of electric mind.
Manifesting codices in their entirety.
New forms of being in vision quests.
Vision burning mind alit with the potential of intraconscious sharing.
Pantheonic Ontologies Robust with Symbolmantic Impressions.

Blurb to Dr Charles Lang

Detroit, XRP, Ethereum, Bitcoin and all of the other projects that are going to come from this space. My want is a kinder Kiva, where there is no option to give people loans that are higher percentages than credit cards. So maybe one could create a platform where people could join and get microgrants and loans without having to ask. Maybe the enforceability could be through conduct. Having a striking system. 3 Strikes and you have to recover. What recovering means is that you have to take care of the loans you have committed to and or get help. Maybe there could also be a mentor and mentee system baked in to make sure that people understand credit is for making money. That and I have seen many of the things I have written about previously starting to come to be such as shared investing though I would like to actually see reports in this space, so that investors can know if they will ever make money with the project or not, even though ten years in the red to have one of the biggest companies in the world is not a bad plan either. 100 year plans. :)

The Second Experiment Finance - Technology is not going away unless humanity does

When I started this journal I started it to experiment in the 3rd generation in this humanities history of internet interconnected social experimentation. Some may purport that this has happened long before which is why I codified as I have in consideration of the akashic network, the astral plane, and the silver string, and with quantum entanglement and possibly other entanglement conditions we might be flipping coins of connection all the way up. Being that it is probably permuting multidimensional holographic state that entangles enough to effect the all through voidness and being.

Now that we have toggled our bits and explored potential greater truth let us continue.
"Legalease of the 21st Century
I am not an accredited financial or legal advisor some people will lose all of there money for trying to invest."

With that placed in the DigitalDao inscribed in Unicode through electrons. The next two pieces of information should be considered.
Tips are for waiters - Jim Cramer
Only invest in the things you understand - Uncle Warren

There are other things you should know about falling knives and blood in the streets.
So study, Sunzi was talking about preparation in all things.

I had a few false starts in the cryptoverse I installed mining software and turned it on and said eh this is taking forever then turned it off, should have had the patience I had while wardialing.

Secondly, we have to thank the man that bought pizza with crypto, for allowing an idea to be dynamic. Cheers to practical.

First written on LinkedIn for Crypto Group As an Applicative form Of PsychoHistory
Technology is not going away so the blockchain and it's tokens will be here with us until another technology that is better supplants it. Further, at some point, it will seem like magic converting from this type to that. There will also be token apocalypses and blood baths into the consolidating future. There may be millions and billions of tokens though it will be 10 that are noble and 100 that are gold and 1000 that do something really useful. And 10000 that will be struggling to find their place and some of them eventually will. That is history though and there are fractals and holograms in time.


Post Linkies then a Little TechnoBabble
This one gives us both $10 Xlm on coinbase earn. I actually will only get 10 more dollars in stellar lumens it seems people like my name luminosity ;) We are Spartacus or Bob depending on what when and how :)
This is probably one of the better opportunities being that coinbase earn actually gives you some crypto for learning just enough to potentially hurt yourself, so study study study.


Then this is the referral friends through binance I think we both get a benefit from here too.
This exchange is less expensive to trade but if you are investing you don't have to worry about trading as much though you still have to keep your eyes on your basket and to be a great investor you have to be able to do the psychologically impossible, some of you may have the gusto.

On to the Technobabble
Bitcoin = Gold, Store of Value and first large adoption of online numeric exchange addressing scheme.
Bitcoin White Paper

Ethereum = Paper in the Hands of an Origami Wizard, allows you to shard and scale, fold and play with distributed Turing machines
Ethereum White Paper

There are other interesting projects that can and will succeed and fail and still add value to the space of decentraliztion and distrobution, I can even simplify the to paper or gold yet many of those projects and how I may love them are speculative.


If you are curious then tap your temple and send the psionic message and if I have not left this Cantorian set permutative infiniverse I will send you some ideoforms so that we may play and discuss.

Little update

I have been welling up the things that I have to say and there are many, the poetry is swimming in my head.
3 books I have been working on to some degree, I have some video ideas as well for philosophical disputation.
Long hours on the business, nothing new there.

And deep dives into learning hours and hours at a time when I can steal them so I can gain more competency at a variety of other variegated tasks.

Sometimes you have to dig in get to work and get it done don't show up until your done and thats what has been going on and it's good.

I have a 1 to 3 plan that I have been executing we will see how it turns out at the end of three years.
The certainty and uncertainty of life.