Two Dollars and Fifty Cents by Luminosity

Two dollars and fifty cents is what my mother earned for thirty years.
Some days all she came home with is eight dollars, it is a miracle we ate at all; let alone pay the bills.
Two dollars and fifty cents is a violence against my mother.
Two dollars and fifty cents is the crime society commits against them all.
Two dollars and fifty cents and we need a place to live.
Two dollars and fifty cents and can you feel her shame.
This is why they come with their gnashing teeth to tear your very flesh from your form.
Two dollars and fifty cents made them do it.
Every dollar too little is a match to the pyre.
Soon enough all pyres catch.
It should have caught sooner.

Living as Taboo

Watch the world silence as you share the stories that people want silenced.
The silence they are happy with.
If you have enough of these stories they want your life to be silence.

My life is love and my friends are stars untold burning eons beyond time.
So when you tell them about your friend that died of a tumor at an early age, and their faces contort and silence or the conversation changes. It's not about grief its about love.

When they don't bury your friend because their family has disowned them because of things about them they did not choose and you tell their story and you get those horrible faces.
It's about love.

Friends that died of overdoses in dirty houses and hallways of horrors.

If you live long enough you will have stories no one will want to hear or understand, remember love.
When the faces twist or you are abandoned.

Always love.
And if one day your life becomes taboo, become love.

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A life of love is a good one.

Bullet, Bruno, Bryan lil bebbes two where destroyed and one died in love and grace.
Bullet you dashed as a dog was running towards you and in few moments you were destroyed broken and killed you were my second death, the first death was my goldfish and it was the same. People have said there is a different between lives, I feel no different your deaths hurt me as much as my beloved grandfather.
Edward Kowalski.

The abuses and screams the harms and the horror what a nightmare.
I knew I had to study and couldn't still I study. I made a choice to live, I made this choice every fight every terror.
I was so harmed I have bleed all over those that have loved me.
I have been hard to love.
It has been hard to love myself.

Still in hope I fight for the better day and I don't always win and even broken I get up bleeding.
I won't give up until my life is taken from me or I die in two days or ten thousand years, I will keep taking ground until I die and I will not die willingly until I have that ten thousandth year when I get to see a sun die.

And when I see that beauty I will walk into that good death.
Until that day for you Anthony I live even though you died too of a brain tumor at seven.
It's taboo to talk about you and I didn't know, but I won't stop talking about you friend or great grandma.
I love you too Uncle Chuck and Aunt Helen.

I won't ever stop talking about uncomfortable taboo things if it means I have to stop talking about lives I have loved.
Too the first garden I planted with my grandma, I love you too.
A life of love is a good one.

Elric Magister

In life your light flowed through your skin, your kindness and smile treasures to the world.
Now you pass through the gateway of death to be judged a feather against your heart.
I feel you will pass through the gates of death, may all that hexed and vexed you in life be bound.

May you take with you the book of the dead and have its blessings in the dreamworld.
For you in your last act you took the green dragon to the worlds of slumber, may you live ten thousand years among the elder sol.

May ten thousand spells keep you in places that mortals can scarcely dream about.
Rest well and awaken Elric Magister.

On the back of an envelope thinking. Luminosity

Things we can do to prepare for the next bubonic plague or something like it. We can start folding proteins for the other diseases we know about now. We can open source the research and the discoveries. All genetic information could be open sourced. We could also go back and make sure we have a database of all Virii, bacteria, phages, parasites and other nasties. We can then find cures and train gpt2 type ai to see what it can discover from cures and diseases all of that data should be open source. Then we could use satellites to track cell phones of infected people until they are no longer infected. We can have enjoyable quarantine so people do not try to resist there quarantine. We could also give an education to anyone that wants one young or old and make it easy to participate in society no matter there gender color class or background. And all of that was on the back of the envelope we can do much more.

Side Note

This strategy could also be used to find novel sequences in pests and use them to solve iterative problems in the future.

Gasp Aghast by Luminosity

Governmental ministrations ineptitude declared.
A contental congress against the people declared.
Shouting out however oaths have been declared.
Power by the people for the people, power declared.

Agitated nations incomprehensible despair.
Go film a telemetry declared.
However we must and we will win this day this night, data folding in the distance.
Action before we sleep, action into the night and into the day, now!
Socially calling into the aether of the net to connect the unconnected.
Today we win!

Mind Muse

Mind Muse was Created with Transhumanistic Dataforms and Creativity Streams Shaping Waveform Output.
By Luminosity Merged with Musenet Edited with Audacity