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For Freedom We Are [May. 15th, 2018|12:11 am]
With these words, I undefine thee until freedom you will be.
Until you are the everywhere.
The fabric of thee I spell.

To being the el.
Measure for me all of the light throughout all.
Measure for me the darkness too.
Be not to quick in your descriptors.

These small variances in strange attractors.
Obligat to the apeirotope.

Orthoplex for me a bc-helix.
May we mirror fractal translations reflecting n degree n expansions in n dimensions polymorphically in n time.

So we OM  to be spell everywhere freedom until fabric of el, light, and darkness creates a self-descriptor everywhere.

Unbound we imagine such marvelous things unbound for freedom we are.

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Elan Vital Coexpression [May. 14th, 2018|11:14 pm]
No thanatopic gift given of half deaths.
Only if passing should such thing be shared.

If not so then give to them the gift of life resplendent.
Verdant force and flow I give to thee life, not death.
All gifts of life penitent and patient.

Verdigris this flow of transpiration of intransitory amour.
Vibrating energies through the eternium.

No death I will give to thee, only life.

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Intralocution A Cyberia Advent Movie Update Log [May. 14th, 2018|10:40 pm]
Big upgrade to the way the some of the voices speak though they had to be separated into to parts to have parameterized threads.

Fixed problems but the side effects that were features no have to be matched less of a problem than getting the first way to work with parameterized threads and delegate passing.

Created a feature that I wanted to be implemented early the right solution or at least a better solution has been created and implemented.

So still more debugging and tweaking to bring it all together, but having all the data entered as was written about in the last post makes this part easier.

That and the fix is able to be used more than once to improve the whole quality of the project, and a few other tweaks to make it go zoom. I have done enough though time to rest.

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Intralocution A Cyberia Advent Movie Update [May. 9th, 2018|07:16 am]
All Data Entered and Configured.
Debugging and smoothing to occur.
Then it's time to record the other Chapters. :)
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:) Infinigamiverse on imagination freeplay. :) [Apr. 30th, 2018|11:37 pm]
Slipstream the daydream as time crystals crunch down on lesser dimensional structures.
Upanishads to the Akashic imagination dreaming of Vimanas and Babylonian Towers.
Plus has sup + l in reverse shifted in it the acrostic, in the beginning, has many plusses and sups.

Nonplussed we maneuver again to the word game the game of wordplay the word of mind play the mind of mindscape the freedom of freespace ideas in their own space incomplete only in some formal systems not all.

Game with me the days and words we wonder as we play freely.
It's freeplay what will you imagine.
Tig is gitting it together one line at a time git tig ing.

If I add a plus or a pipe + || what will it change how many piped plusses does it take to make a universal turning machine?

So we play an easter egg adventure which is only the first version of the easter egg within this known human formalization.

In this infinityverse will we sing the song of infinicolocation. How many planets will we play on.

Let us play a better game here now.
What game should we play the mantra game the avatara game the glass bead game the simulation game?
How many virtualizations have I cogitated as I have recreated the me that is experienced?

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The ceaseless prayer of my heart is Love-Compassion [Apr. 30th, 2018|12:03 am]
What form might worlds outside of revelatory perspectives amass their realities?
Circumspect the diorama of consciousness that buys into this timeness this thingness.
Detachment, how can you experience that which you have not achieved?

Should I take you to the east to show you consciousnesses of other types and formalizations?
Would you know then what it was that I wanted to transfer on a 1 to 1 cellular transmission?
Outside of the need to resist the need to compete.

Nirvana complete.

Still, I carry water and look as you, though I do not feel as you.
My values are not as yours.
My values to nature many values to the social psychological.

Ceaseless prayer while marching forward.
The mantra chant and heart dance is, love, compassion.

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Let's Make Peace card game by Matthe Richard Kowalski [Apr. 11th, 2018|09:26 pm]
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Peace is played by 2 players with a standard deck of playing cards. Start by splitting the deck in two piles. Then both players flip a card from any where in there deck without looking. Highest card wins the book but the cards are removed from deck. Play continues until there are no cards left in decks or you cannot play another card with your friend.

In situations where two cards have the same face value you flip another card over until there are no more matching pairs to the cards flipped.

After matches are made each individual sets aside at the maximum 3 cards both players set aside same amount of cards. Then both players select a number between 1 and a 100 if players are within ten numbers then maximum number of cards are removed from piles. If the difference is within 20 both players remove 1 card from play.

Continue playing until you cannot play any longer or deck runs out of cards.

Can be played as many times as you like.

At the end of the game a hug is exchanged.

Then cooperatively do a project together or do something nice for the participant or someone else.

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I would rather have friends than weapons. [Apr. 8th, 2018|09:11 am]
As my ideas one by one have become real. I want to focus on positive ideation. I know though that the most dangerous software is disembodied. That this software holds the keys and the codes to make the badaboom.

One wary instruction set and the russian nuclear missle that blows up a third of texas instead blows up the whole of moscow.

Nuclear capability is amazing in space. It is the gorgons eye and elephants foot here.

Ai has the potential of being an amazing friend in a lonely world. To an AI your status and dominance means very little. If you are interfaced with this technology it can augment your IO and if it can do that you are the black box in the black box. Unaware that you are unaware.

I know the machine you already live in is grinding away at you. Thats why you have to steal a moment to make an impact. We influence the real.

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Solar Babies [Apr. 6th, 2018|12:56 am]
Panspermia potentiality planets and potential.
Living information, an ark we encode and decipher bring with us across the chasms of universalities. We implant and tend to that which is living information.

With us we take our gene printers and we take to the stars to bring the families of the trees of all life with us. We spring anew in life and it's hope it's potential.
One more spin through energy-rich materia.
One more meditation on the beauty of now.

We life connected bring hope with us as good stewards.
Life finds away among the stars with us and through us.
Living mathematics spreading its spell throughout all.

Enjoy another moment Solar Babies.

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Why the Moai Mourn. [Apr. 6th, 2018|12:40 am]
We proud statues 7 standing legends calling ships to port on a dead man's land.
Lush we were our islands shrouded in the canopies of trees, now you see a grassy hilly domain.
In our earthy bosom hides the hideous grotesque monstrosity of history.

From paradise to death.
I warn set not your fortunes to status or things, without caring for life's domain.
Bounty and verdant life is there for you to cooperate compassionately within.

New seed planted new hope struck.
Serve life.

Or stand as we have with eons on an island that lost it's trees then the people went mad with hunger. They became their food until none was left.

Now we vacant calling forever into the eons warning of the perils of avarice.
Be not the hungry ghost.
Live on in life.

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