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Across the timeless void and the waves of infinite perpetual color. [Apr. 4th, 2019|02:04 am]
The intraextraspatial bends inoutwards to the vast wave flow around and to and throughout.
Unspeakable unknowable yet so essential so eternal.
Endless eternities to capture these characters for the briefest of moments.

Not this not that.
Pure being.
The light dances as all as pure being with and without.
Endless summations of an infinite form and variety.

Beauty unbounded unfettered and unconquerable and complete.

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Where it all began by Luminosity [Mar. 6th, 2019|10:20 am]

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Thank God for Aliens by Luminosity [Mar. 6th, 2019|10:15 am]
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.001 of the Martian Solution by Luminosity [Jan. 19th, 2019|02:55 pm]

Elon, I know you have plenty of problems that you are solving or have solved.

Welding metal bodies is not necessarily the best way to make rigid bodies anymore. I know some of the pain points for building bodies that are nonmetallic and I have imagined a degradable solution whereas if one material is too expensive or difficult to work with the material below it will solve the problem less well yet will function to solve the materials problems.

That and I have been dreaming of the Mars mission you are currently working on which is excellent.

Firstly you probably want to create a satellite relay for communications and to be problem assist modules in space the satellites can have orbits and move from orbit mesh energy systems always being most optimal because they answer for power flow and failure issues to known and unknown problems. You may also want a satellite ark that has stored seeds and genomic information that you can up-link with if any failures on the ground have occurred.

It would be wise to have some satellites in space that can do work, mamma, the mother of all laser satellites so you can melt the poles with solar-powered lasers energy directed at the Martian poles, which should potentially be domed prior to melting so you can account for the loss of water through a weak atmosphere. Also, a few other robotic satellites to assist in helping to push collisions of orbital bodies that have utilizable materials to be used by indigenous populations.

Archaea and diatomic vats are going to be incredibly important to long term material conversion of percholate soil to more usable organic compounds to ourselves and the ark, the ark being a database with all genomes we have recorded, and a multiplicity of seeds we have taken off world. The more bacteria you have producing useful outcomes the better it’s easy to seed new sources with bacteria brine's and they are the grey goo, ha-ha. The good news is that Martian soils itself could be used with some of these bacteria’s to help to make rocket fuels and other useful byproducts.

The environments should be similar to Michael Reynolds earth ships and environments that incorporate lots of mosses and other flora. The flora will luckily be opportune and have many benefits known and unknown, that’s why we brought over dandelions and earthworms to the new world, so this time we bring dandelions and aloe ;)

Have fun your friend Luminosity

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South American Plans [Jan. 12th, 2019|03:04 am]
Jair Bolsonaro, Hopefully, this finds you well.

Currently, I know you have huge issues that you have to remediate quickly and with a good deal of resolve. I think you can solve your problems without destroying the things that make your country unique amazing and beautiful.

To resolve these issues I understand you need more access to your natural resources to build your economy and to scale and compete. Excitingly enough this gives you great opportunities to make vast discoveries in biology, engineering and Eco-manufacturing and mining Conservation and Alternative Energy. You can achieve your goals while keeping a very long view.

By digging deeply into the sets of problems that you must address for your nation and its future I think the problems can be solved with beauty and style. With a fundamental strong view of beauty, you are always following a natural pathway to a balance of symmetries of the most action with the least energy sublime efficiency.
By resolving to mine in new and inventive ways you give yourself more access to resources and space and solve problems of today and tomorrow. For example, some of the mines you are digging with enough planning could become places to grow food and transport materials with having a minimum impact on your flora and fauna.

Understandably you need more food and economic opportunities now the good news is

You want to feed your people fungi and algae grow incredibly quickly and provide miraculous amounts of nutrition. You already have the most amazing pharmacopeia and cornucopias that the world knows besides the sea.  Already you have one of the most amazing permaculture environments to exist on our planet. Ask the indigenous people how you can extract its resources without creating harm.

Here is an example of what the Iroquois Nation did in the America’s its lessons are deep and wise.
Corn, beans, and squash are called the “three sisters.” Native Americans always inter-planted this trio because they thrive together, much like three inseparable sisters.

“Three sisters”

    Maize offers the beans needed support.
    Beans, perform nitrogen fixation at the benefit of the three.

    The large sprawling squash leaves protect the three sisters by creating living mulch that shades the soil, keeping it cool and moist while preventing weeds.
    Also, prickly squash reduces incidents with other creatures...

Together, the three sisters provide sustainability, soil fertility as well as a healthy diet.
There is no need to fight nature when you can cooperate with it and it will work for life.

Mining is a great idea, though it should be done at first on an angle and then down. You can use the same method that Elon Musk is to deal with the debris problems, you can use the material to create bricks and concretes that are stronger than current bricks and concrete and also of set the costs of getting rid of something you can use. This material can be used to build up or down as you or your civil engineers see fit. By mining at first on an angle and then down you do the least harm and you will still have access to your nations wealth. Look out at the stars though out there is a wealth barely known here.

Economically you are already one of the largest producers of pharmaceuticals on the planet you can push this further by digging into your deep expertise and create off-patent medicines and also making other discoveries here. This money can be reinvested through your whole economy and also be used to train new chemists, medical professionals, and computer scientists that will help you solve the problems of today and tomorrow. By leaning on your expertise your people and other people of the world, will find great benefits huge markets already exist for these tried and true medicinal products in your country and globally. This could also fundamentally solidify trading between yours and other nations. Each plant or animal we lose makes us lose encyclopedias of discoveries if all the limpets were to die we would never have learned about the strength of their teeth.

Be well in the coming years, a friend to life Luminosity.

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Gifts to the world [Dec. 20th, 2018|12:33 pm]
My reclusivity means that I have been getting things done and thinking about the road ahead.
The good news is the cosmos plays with infinite dice infinitely.

So The books My friends and I have written will be available now until Dec 25th when my kind peaceful enlightened rebel friend was born.


The movie that I finished but still need to Master

Intralocution a Cyberia Advent

With my friends help
We made it to 50 countries. :) 

Happy Holidays
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In the world of me there is no we... and that's over half of the problem. [Dec. 5th, 2018|11:49 pm]
In the world of me there is no we... and that's over half of the problem.

In the world of me we are blind to each other we are blind to their cares and concerns.
Our ability to cooperate is diminished.
This may be a condition of the interacting of networks and it's folding.
Views held in frames shifted skewed superpositioned and we can be confident that the event proposed will fall to state.

There is a shared world of love friendship and sharing, and it's warm.
When you spend time with the ones that have little time now, you will find out too soon your days are as theres.
So hold there hand for a second longer, and hold the hug until they release.

For in the illusion of I we are certainly we and our choices cascade, helping or hurting.
So in kindness let your probablility space collapse to one on helping, because our time is too short.

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Life on the sideways [Sep. 21st, 2018|11:10 am]
Asocial or A gypsy Life on the sideways.
Groucho marx or Karly Life on the sideways.
Franklin federalism or new uncommon forms.

Mothers and Crones poetic unknowns of lessons of life and love.
Black hazen days crowded with turbulent pareidola.
Wild multi sensory colors passing through visions and experience  of nonneurotypical brains.

The nonneurotypical a gift to the sideways, and the life well lived a gift of action and choice.
Adventure and freedom.


Take to the sea of stars and cosmos of idea.
A wild middle way on and over all edges, some sensical nonsense.

A Life on the Sideways.

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Simulation design notes [Sep. 10th, 2018|11:44 am]
Persistance without complete memory in agents.

Intention matters.
Intention augements the superfractional.

It never happens exactly the same way twice. It may be percievably the same but the discrete numeral or formal is never in precise measure the same.

A sense of humor because the same thing that makes you laugh makes you cry.

More to think about and formalize.
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Intra Locution A Cyberia Advent Film :: Chapter 10 :: Tongue Tied Agents :: The End [Sep. 7th, 2018|01:11 am]
So this interesting experiment has its first ending, now and I am happy enough with it's perfectly imperfect state.

Glitch on forever and may we play in this life into eternity.
Though I will work on a final cut and watch the whole film from beginning to end from the executable created by the compiler.


Chapter 10 The End

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