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They Have Nothing [Jun. 24th, 2018|07:07 am]
Nothing becomes more real than when you have to solve it.
When you see it with your existence.
They have nothing.

A man asked me about a beautiful couch, it was the same couch I needed to discard.
The man so gracious offering alms for the good.
Unable to accept out of kindness.

Traveling to his home after navigating the neighborhood.
I come to find a few kids sitting on the porch they call to their granddad.
He comes down I get a little help getting these couches off.
The man walks around with a shopping cart to collect bottles for his family.
The children don't have lights.

They have nothing and yet so many want for so much.
If only they had textbooks and heat in their schools.
We tax so much and give so little.

And the people who govern mock them by telling them to eat cake, oh wait that's I don't care do you.

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Love is a world. [Jun. 22nd, 2018|09:14 am]

Love is more than a feeling it is a being, it is a continuum of infinite simplicity and complexity.
It’s layers so transparent that it is difficult to discern between it’s structures.

Love is so meaningful that so many have fallen for it’s syllabary.
Though the perfumes and aromas of love are intoxicating.

One may barely know love until one makes a choice they would not make outside of it’s context.
We face the fallout for our love too.

Love is a world there are heavens and hells there.
Love is as complex as being and as simple as breathing.

Let the light that is me transcend me, let us all become love and compassion.
Love is a light let it shine out and in.
Love is a world.

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Show and Tell of the Atma Yuga [Jun. 22nd, 2018|12:17 am]
Evocative ideation tumbling in the electrochemical waves.
Hearts beating out into the near and distant eternity.

Ideas spin magnetic fields dreaming in concert.
This way or that.
Ideas fundamental.

Conceptualizations breathed in mindscape.
Formations of ideoform an existence outside of existence.
Long-standing being before the before, and beyond the beyond.

Imagining an infinite infinities dreaming an infinite infinities.
Reality cascades from the formation of jesters mathed interpretive perplex.
The imaginary things being as moving as the real.

Infinite planes interacting.
The void null the absolute non has a field.

Inside the outside and back again we divide by zero laughingly.

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Threadbare Beautiful Heart [Jun. 21st, 2018|11:42 pm]
The tatters of your frayed soft edged curves show the shining rivulets of light emanating from your heart.
Taken by the hand we observe as we are observed by the button eyes and patchwork fibers.
The fabric is softer from years of love.

Some places the fabric is so thin the stuffing pushes out.
We stitch.

The words an act of pure meaning - hope.
How can love be the storm cloud?
How can an act of love be so destructive?

How can those that claim love abandoned those they promise with this gift?
What false feigns of openness.
Then closed doors cause cascaded closed doors.

The god damned door slamming shut.
Though the slam is done softly.

The patchwork staring at the door still with a burning heart against the bleak night and bitter ashes tasted whispers I love you.

The embers simmer for as long as they are tended.
The door may or may not open.
It diminishes the love no less.

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Intralocution A Cyberia Advent Movie Update Log Progress Quest [Jun. 5th, 2018|12:13 am]
Nearing completion, nearly complete and fully cohesive, still some more to do.
Maybe this month and next month till completion.
We'll see.
It's my own 4 minutes and 43 seconds :)

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For Freedom We Are [May. 15th, 2018|12:11 am]
With these words, I undefine thee until freedom you will be.
Until you are the everywhere.
The fabric of thee I spell.

To being the el.
Measure for me all of the light throughout all.
Measure for me the darkness too.
Be not to quick in your descriptors.

These small variances in strange attractors.
Obligat to the apeirotope.

Orthoplex for me a bc-helix.
May we mirror fractal translations reflecting n degree n expansions in n dimensions polymorphically in n time.

So we OM  to be spell everywhere freedom until fabric of el, light, and darkness creates a self-descriptor everywhere.

Unbound we imagine such marvelous things unbound for freedom we are.

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Elan Vital Coexpression [May. 14th, 2018|11:14 pm]
No thanatopic gift given of half deaths.
Only if passing should such thing be shared.

If not so then give to them the gift of life resplendent.
Verdant force and flow I give to thee life, not death.
All gifts of life penitent and patient.

Verdigris this flow of transpiration of intransitory amour.
Vibrating energies through the eternium.

No death I will give to thee, only life.

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Intralocution A Cyberia Advent Movie Update Log [May. 14th, 2018|10:40 pm]
Big upgrade to the way the some of the voices speak though they had to be separated into to parts to have parameterized threads.

Fixed problems but the side effects that were features no have to be matched less of a problem than getting the first way to work with parameterized threads and delegate passing.

Created a feature that I wanted to be implemented early the right solution or at least a better solution has been created and implemented.

So still more debugging and tweaking to bring it all together, but having all the data entered as was written about in the last post makes this part easier.

That and the fix is able to be used more than once to improve the whole quality of the project, and a few other tweaks to make it go zoom. I have done enough though time to rest.

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Intralocution A Cyberia Advent Movie Update [May. 9th, 2018|07:16 am]
All Data Entered and Configured.
Debugging and smoothing to occur.
Then it's time to record the other Chapters. :)
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:) Infinigamiverse on imagination freeplay. :) [Apr. 30th, 2018|11:37 pm]
Slipstream the daydream as time crystals crunch down on lesser dimensional structures.
Upanishads to the Akashic imagination dreaming of Vimanas and Babylonian Towers.
Plus has sup + l in reverse shifted in it the acrostic, in the beginning, has many plusses and sups.

Nonplussed we maneuver again to the word game the game of wordplay the word of mind play the mind of mindscape the freedom of freespace ideas in their own space incomplete only in some formal systems not all.

Game with me the days and words we wonder as we play freely.
It's freeplay what will you imagine.
Tig is gitting it together one line at a time git tig ing.

If I add a plus or a pipe + || what will it change how many piped plusses does it take to make a universal turning machine?

So we play an easter egg adventure which is only the first version of the easter egg within this known human formalization.

In this infinityverse will we sing the song of infinicolocation. How many planets will we play on.

Let us play a better game here now.
What game should we play the mantra game the avatara game the glass bead game the simulation game?
How many virtualizations have I cogitated as I have recreated the me that is experienced?

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