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Meditation on Profit and Meandering - A day dream lived. [String|Data|Nodes|Dossier]

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Meditation on Profit and Meandering [Apr. 30th, 2015|07:08 pm]
The hope is that we can move beyond trade currency, to a currency of idea.
Where idea or manifestation was what one set them to in a life.
In some ways our current system does some of this.

Though it can take too long.
A rouge thinker that works on improving the world might die because they cannot get care or food, and their work might happen to be the most important work being done. The suffering does not necessarily help their work either; it may simply take from them the time that they would serve us all.
The rouge mathematician or programmer who works tirelessly to serve humanity should not starve or simply have to serve profit.

There are many problems with profit. That and we have to evaluate what profit is. Profit cannot be seen as profit if it destroys that which it hopes to serve. Profit should be considered profit if and only if it serves life. If it does not then it works at slowly creating extinction on this planet if nowhere else, since inert matter has no care for us the living we have to do things one to serve life as a whole, since we live in system, the systems have cascades.

Meanderings in the meditation.
If we are able to organize matter as we would will, we would probably need controls as to a library of things that could be organized only in some environments or under some constraints. That the matter could be organized in such a fashion when containment  could be met or when stressors where such that device machine could be fashioned or forged.

Or we could change our nature decrease our aggression, aggression is generally decreased when needs are met. With needs met and wants decreased a harmony can often be found a contentment.
The contentment can be found in hostile environs though it takes far practice consideration contemplation meditation to achieve.