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Dreams of Forgotten Children [May. 2nd, 2015|07:07 am]
I hope for a vision where the children in ghettos are taken seriously, and that their talent is not wasted.
That they might aspire to solve the problems of the centuries.
I see we need the talent yet we squander theirs, because their values are about people not things.

In my minds eye held was a vision of eighteen year olds taught to fly with little background for flying in a world war.
If we can give people with little skill and make them skillful in a short period of time, we too can achieve this.

We too cannot waste the rescources we have.

I see the world reading.
In our current world many people in the world could not read this in their own language, because they are denied reading.
When we deny these people oppurtunity we deny ourselves oppurtunity.
Discovery spills over, intersecting feilds, intersecting technologies.

I have been told that we may have to many people on this planet and they may be right, but who am I to know who are the right people and the wrong people. As far as I can tell we still need these people to solve the problems of fukushima that still burns in the sea.

The thinking world alive with ideas.