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My Dying Friend [May. 31st, 2015|01:54 pm]
Right now they might be alone.
I hope it is aloneness and not lonelyness.
I know the feeling of dying it's not always the same everytime.
Sometimes we are dying it is joyful as the blood rushes out and you become flush joyous.
Other times when dying we are terrified crying out to gods we believe or don't believe in, hoping that out there somewhere in the cosmos there may be some help for us.

I hope in your days and your dying you are with those that love you.
There are people out here on the lines hoping and caring.
Hoping that our friends and loved ones are alright in there hard nights.
Hoping that they have a good death.

Though we might be seperated by time and space, my heart and mind seeks your soul, and sings namaste ahimsa.