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Self Autonomous Generative Capital [Jun. 18th, 2015|09:46 am]
If capitalism is supposed to do with idea, and capital itself, which it currently does not reflect.
It might then be best to have a system where capital was not generated by debt or oil or some other physical or negative structure, and instead have capital truly generated by ideas, and carrying them out.

Since all physical value truly does derive from the entanglement of materia idea action.
True value might be seen as pure idea but that is another discussion at another time or in this time at the same time or later with someone else. ;)

So since the entanglement of these things truly generates value it could then be seen that if their was some arbitrary numerical system for their computation.

Take  1 2 3 5 6
So an idea is worth three since the inception of the idea has the greatest value to the existence because without the inception their could be no conclusion.

Two is for work done towards the complete state of the work or idea.

One of for maintance of complete system though this could be done in packets or paid at some greater frequency to have an incentive to complete this important work.

5 is for the implementation and completion of the idea full cloth

5 is for reimagining an idea that might no longer be working and find an new application or to put that idea to rest until it can be improved, unless it cannot be improved or will not function therefore it should be considered as such ad. infinitum.