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Networks, an unmatched, match [Jul. 17th, 2015|08:29 pm]
If artificial intelligence or intelligence does not process information in the same way, yet comes up with the same solution. I think that in an evalutory manner this would be fine. So if the network never sees an animal in the way we do and yet is still able to determine the equivalency of the animal then the network would know the animal without the same understanding.

Though we could say the same thing between ourselves that we might have a richer experience with a thing or an idea and when we recall the thing or idea we have a lushness that is not matched by the other individual though we might still have evaluatory equivocation.

Though the products of those differences if strong enough can become our art to share something we see deeply or differently so that we might help to train other networks to connect or abstract. Which leads to metaphor connection and the ability to further abstract an idea.