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So you want to be wealthy, fine, Agricultural Drones - A day dream lived. [String|Data|Nodes|Dossier]

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So you want to be wealthy, fine, Agricultural Drones [Jul. 17th, 2015|08:42 pm]
As we keep killing off our pollinators unintentionally we have to reengineer microdrones to pollinate plants, flowers. Vanilla and Saffron would have yields that we have never seen since these are hand pollinators and if we could take the hand out of the e pollination we could have more of both.

This is true for plants that do not need such delicate pollination or care either.
We may be able to create a artificial pollen metasperma that drones that could billow forth small clouds of metasperma that could then be introduced to the plants in much the way that we dusted crops in the past with pesticide. Further we could create this material that had different properties such as hydrophobia or hydrophilia to attract or keep away water where necessary.
The large are the things that have already been seen or being done though we might want to do them more quickly because improved agricultural science can improve the life of all creatures on this planet if we would control our own spread so that life as it is can have it’s place and we ours. That and when we look up there is allot of space that has no life and it is more than possible for there to be life on many of these bodies with the right ingenuity.
We can continue to change and improve all life with improved materials science, the legos that we all build with.