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We hate and can't see ourselves - A day dream lived. [String|Data|Nodes|Dossier]

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We hate and can't see ourselves [Aug. 22nd, 2015|09:01 am]
The person in the mirror obscured by past mirrors and visions of previous selfs.
If one wants to change for life and health than all the better yet if to change is to kill yourself in another way then it might not be right.
These things not mutually exclusive.

Not everyone has to do the same things live the same way.
Live and let live.

Yet we are all sold identity to consume but this identity was never us.
I have been hijacked as well.
My mind fed lie after lie until I believed them.

I wanting to help yet with little love or encouragement myself, not knowing how to share in a way that does not hurt people.
keep on working on it and making mistakes.

I would rather make the mistakes and be imperfect though then to have to continue hurting people, and doing the same things then trying to overcome the obstacles that have been in my way before.

it's hard when pressed to find the right words and emotions to be able to help and individual so complex and full of experiences, though it is good when done well, it is awful when a failure.