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DIY Fest, and Pawn Sacrifice - A day dream lived. [String|Data|Nodes|Dossier]

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DIY Fest, and Pawn Sacrifice [Sep. 26th, 2015|11:58 pm]

Out and about, went to the DIY fest I love when people do things, I wish the work was less mundane and  instead more authentic burning with passion life love and feeling.

I want to see work that improves life, or challenges it.

I saw a movie called pawn sacrifice, I thought the movie was interesting for several reason.
While watching the film I am uncertain if people will connect, that one of the reasons that Bobby was having issues is that the mechanisms upstairs was heightening his awareness: making simple lights to brights and low sounds loud.
I think this might be hard to understand unless you were pressed with this yourself.

There are so many experiences and illnesses that while being describable by an individual is not experiential to them.
This problem has interferred on both sides of relationships my inability to understand and others inability to understand.
Well we move on and we keep trying or we don't but I will.

Other interesting moments and themes existed throughout, a few nice visualizations in the movie to help people visualize chess algebra, and part of the thinking process. There was a little more chess in this movie then most math movies have in them which was good. I am uncertain if the fact finding about the story was completely accurate though I would have to do more research.

I was happy to see that Philosopher Kings and Queens do still walk the earth exploring truth and science.
Truth occasionally more patchy more meshed networks and heuristics occasionally algorithmic, occasionally sylogistic.
Often times satisfying, and beautiful

Good night.