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A cup of life a drop of death [Oct. 2nd, 2015|02:37 pm]
In this cup I see the whole world spilling out as life and death.
Life is the beginning of the cup full of clean drinkable water, death is the last dropped prayed for by the thirsty spilling out far beyond one's ability to capture process and become those waters.

Water is life, is never more apparent then when you don't have a drop to drink.

Water a gift when you find yourself dipped in pools after long dry seasons.
Pools of hot water finding you in springs to ease stress.
Anxiety diminishing in its comfort.

A peace in water.
This peace is found one cup at a time, for those who starve to be quenched.

Clean water a goal for us all to ease all of our struggle yet so little we apply to its achievement.
A world of water with barely a drop to drink, yet we could have oceans of water to quench the thirsts of the multitudes if only we applied the arts and science imagination and persistence.
With these tools we solve all problems.

Our minds vessels for the waters of peace