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National Water Routing : A needed public works project [Oct. 6th, 2015|11:53 am]
It would seem that in this time of global climate change the worlds coasts need to change, or they will change through natures actions. Shrinking coastlines and pushes inward.

So we need to be reactive and proactive we have seen the storms that have come to this great nation, that are drowning our friends and families throughout the nation. To protect and preserve we need national water routing that will not interfere with states or municipalities.

The goal will simply be to stave off disaster, and create abundance elsewhere.

The vision is that we have a tunnel as long as the span of the freeways going from state to state and about as deep. We can use grating and turbines to capture energy from the fallen rain. Further the rain that would hurt one state would be a great boon to another, and when we are dealing with coastal rains and storms we are using the abundant seas to produce fresh water for us.

So instead of destroying one area and costing untold fortunes we can give something that our nation can be proud of employ a massive amount of people and do great work, while saving lives, and with the work that will be done with this piece of infrastructure we would also see an economic boom for the farmers of our nation that are water starving.