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Blame the mad [Oct. 7th, 2015|09:15 am]
Blame the mad the weak the children the old for your peek a boo problems or so you've been told.
it is the mad with the gun's in mass massacre's.
Not a problem with others not one to decry.
Not one problem with the self to be found among the many or questions they cried.
For the mob knows best all demos aside.

So in prisons and streets are some lives denied, though some have been hero's you can't see them cry.
Lost to a world of scars through actions and dissociations to deny.
For killing for a country is different from killing for another reason they say.

The lease on violence taken by those that would call themselves government, and then have actors carry out those orders.
I was just doing my job the beat on the street.
That was seen at stanford, and in our streets, if that's not enough it was seen in japan, in germany and all other lands.

Since this is the way that we are don't deny.
For denial never finds solution, only delusion, and confusion.

One day the little light almost out grown to great fire and never put out.
When we fight for another this day it's true we find the light, and then we grew.
If but for a minute, a second indeed we all become hero's this truth in the deed.