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As we become light [Oct. 24th, 2015|12:31 pm]
From nothing you self forged a life among us and you found in roads to green pastures and winding streams.
Spending time with a beauty to subtle and fragile to be known by most.
Uncourse hands set sails upon unknown waters.

To soon you have left upon the bridge across worlds, met by the valkaries for the fight for life that you have met.
Now they carry you among the hero's and the halls to visions and experiences little felt by living mortals.
Yet on occasion with odin's eye we to mortals might see such light and knowing of the wyrd.

The unknown beseeches us, shall we sing songs with the bards and gods who might sing worlds into being.
For formulation and mathematikos it might take us to the learning of the patterns of creation and sundering.

Let the songs string across ages bow for waters still unknown.
Might we know the rage and the calm waters as we dance on so fragile even as we become light.

Good bye friend, thank you for all the fond memories.