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Off the Grid for Six Months [Nov. 13th, 2015|12:24 am]
Before this, I saw a house with framing ready for insulation and vision, and little by little.
Insulation up. Drywall up.
A need for a grid and now a mini grid, that will grow and flourish.
A bed on the floor becoming a space pod to take me home.
Anti intellectual america and it still is, it likes shallow pools not oceans.

It is terrified of it's own potential.
Though the fear has been fed day after day and year after year.
One day we might not be able to stomach the fear any more or the hate.

Now little by little I have over came many of the problems of survival.
Still a few to solve, still a many problems with solutions that could be more elegant beautiful or economic.

Having some heat in the winter is a joy, I have ideas to more conveniently and less expensively solve the problem then I currently do, but there are constant restraints constant struggles. It seems worth it though since the value of life is in it's quality and not its duration.