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The person I did not know [Nov. 17th, 2015|08:20 am]
To you person  I did not know, maybe I would have not liked you as a person, but it does not mean I could not have cared.

We share reflections of similar histories yet your choices branched you off into the spiral of your families remorse.
I know you needed an ear, a shoulder, a heart that reached out to you that could help you to understand your pains.
Few will fill that role, listen to the winds and watch the birds sing.
Know the rivers sing and dance out there in the universe.
The winds and wilds can guide you when no other voice can.

We are never alone always with the universe on our travels as we travel within it, as our own variant expression.

Sorry that you had to go in the way you did, I wish others would know your story, I am sure they will ignore it.
It is hard to see past our own pain or pleasure and to do something outside of the nature of our wants.

Occasionally people do and it makes all the difference.
May others find the sounding boards of their resolutions, and be resolved to better days for life unlike themselves, and things they might not be able to like, yet still love them.