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Truce [Nov. 17th, 2015|08:29 am]
Today in this concord we fight strength to declare truce.
Against those laws for which we can no longer agree that finds us all blush to the lack of civility of our union of humanity.
It would seem that if one should be faithful they should be faithful to their kindness and love for these things in union are unlike all other things we might do.

These are unifying emotions whereas so many of our other emotional comport causes discord.
By solving basic problems we might remit the attrocities of the futures.
The scars of that past will remain, and in time should be less painful.

We have lost too much on both sides, but those who benefit will not stop until they have been undone.
We must then find away to starve the disease of hatred, and find unified problems to solve because there are certainly more pressing issues than our colors or our faiths, because mindless mountains move in the universe that through gravitation will crush us, or our waters will pollute us and spread disease as they already do.