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Basic Problems [Nov. 19th, 2015|04:44 pm]
It would seem to me that the solubility of a number of world issues are due to small but important problems that impact all humans. Water, basic rescource accessiblity and education.
These problems solved solve nearly all humanities problems.
There are things that will not be resolved due to our nature and if we keep on selecting for attributes and deriving cultures based on confrontation and conflict we will have those outcomes.

Education has the ability to resolve give ourselves enough base information to make choices that are in greater benefit to the many.
Though this often time takes work on the heart.
Without work on the heart we always see ourselves as singularly important and it's just not true.
That view is so limited and short sighted. We think in terms of days or hours not years and decades, and further for cycles of hundreds or thousands of years.

I have looked at time maps and seen social ideas have taken about a hundred years to run there full course twenty years of planting fifty years of growing thirty years of being replaced, and the cycle runs over and over.