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New Old Crusty Kewl Mindscape [Dec. 4th, 2015|09:31 am]
It's nice when projects you do have minds of there own and start spawning work.
Soon there will be a new edition of mindscape that has funk, and perversion I would expect nothing less from Aurelio.
Pretty excited about the rework and he told me he was doing a new book for the game as well.
Which is fun.

So I know there are a number of things that are unprofessional about the work but this makes me happy in some ways as well. People seeing nonperfect things lets them and gives them permission to create where they are at and that makes me happy.

Some of the non perfect work is my friend Shayne's and My own it's funny how you get inspired by your cousin and there friends and a game (Wargames) that they made which was really good, in part because it took the best things about a number of games and meshed them together along with allowing them to put in all of the pop culture content that they loved to have an incredibly hostile world that was great to play in but you would not live there.

That and some other friends have spun some work all in all funny to see a work have a life of it's own and good. :)