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Mindscape Schism Edition [Dec. 17th, 2015|12:33 am]
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Our story so far
A lot of our history has been lost to the ages. The world was not doing well. Humanity also was not doing well. We were falling apart waiting for salvation to come, waiting for the second coming of Avatara. The early 23rd century (2400 ad) was frustrating, humanity felt abandoned. We were abandoned.. Can’t blame the force though, would you want to come home if the kids were running around like beasts destroying the house? Good question huh? Our depression, anger and frustration spawned the larvae, the insectoid young.  Not in flesh but in spirit. They possessed the minds of the hands of those who had control of the nukes and the nuclear reactors. All the nukes detonated, the nuclear power plants all had melt downs. The nuclear fires scorched the land. From the nuclear fires birthed the fireflies. The ancient dragon lines ripped open and flooded the Earth with unimaginable energy. Primal force was released. The Earth swelled and grinded turned inside out with irreversible expansion. Earth slipped into temporal and spatial anomalies shunted from dimension to dimension. Not sure if the other planets in the solar system came with us or not, but the moon did. What’s left of the moon is a crescent a third the size of what the moon was, marked and scarred by meteor impacts and violent turbulence. It’s Girdled by dust rings, forever a reminder of our now alien existence. Well, here we are. The sky tainted by the red and green din of nuclear radiation and dimensional shifting, the contrast of colors are more rich and deep. Our orbit changed, our shape changed; the days are longer and brighter. The nights are darker. Humanity survived and regrouped. We regrouped as clans, each clan representing a communal idea or survival philosophy. The clans fight among themselves and each other as early human tribes did. Many races appeared on earth, some friendly some cruel, all vying for survival. The soul of Terra Prima (Earth) is Gaia and she still watches over her children. Each adventuring soul has skill. Are you a fighter a master of the sword or the spell casters that manipulate energy itself? Welcome to the mad, mad world, that is our reality . . . . . for now.

Most of the world exists in the middle world. It’s the everyday world that exists between heaven and hell. The underground world exists below it. The underground, it’s the sewers and caverns that never see sunlight. The underworld was the support for the cities, housing all the systems that man needed. From electricity to water and waste disposal all were handled underground. Today most if not all of the tech that exists does exist underground, where was it all supposed to go when the world swallowed itself? Today’s tech is alien and dangerous. It tends not to make it to the surface very often, mostly self destructing or otherwise malfunctioning before it’s able to surface. Not only is the underground dangerous because of wild ancient technology gone wild, water and food is hard to find and what is found is toxic. Good luck down here ladies and gents.


The upper world exists high above the middle world. High above among the clouds the upper world is. Where the underground world is tech ridden the upper world is magical in all aspects. The clouds are solid but may soften and let you fall somewhere else, random lightning strikes and rain storms and winds can all bring great fortune or mighty peril and destruction. The collect crystals are formed here, but why and what for are a mystery. All forms of avian species are found here along magic users learning or living here. Often as when tech comes to the surface sometimes the rain clouds or wind make contact with the middle world ensuing a meeting with the fates and furies, a truly magical time for all. So unknown millennium latter here we are.

            This is our story so far. – Oracle at Mt. Truth author unknown

It was so nice to see my long time friend breath new life to a work that has been dormant for a few years but it was not for them. :)
Thanks Aurelio

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