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Missing Pieces [Dec. 18th, 2015|10:38 pm]
Things said in anger.
The missing pieces.
Where are they.
Jigsaw pieces falling apart.
Falling glass shatters.

Birthdays missed.
A life stolen by life.
Still working ever forward for a life for others.
Some lifes in sacrifice and not choosen but decided by birth.

Sundays lost to days of the week that pass as calenders close.
Days into nights.
Pieces never found.
Lost because you can't be the person you never were.

Still words and ideas move us all forward and the proofs, conjectures, lemmas, algorithms - spell.
They spell as they always did even as they move nature and the atom when the instructions command electricity to will and will creates action.

Energy and mass dancing in a space in time seeking light speed.