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No Promise of Solid Ground [Dec. 18th, 2015|11:29 pm]
Alive and loving of light.
Wandering the sands, the quags, the bogs, grotto's and swamps.
The floorboards buckling.
Floorboards falling away.

Floors falling in.
Screams eminating from the outside, now on the inside.
I release them from my lungs a lion.
Afraid of shadows and myself.

I release you.
Shackles of the mind be gone.
Scars unseen begone.

Released you are not the darkness for I shelter you for when the storm comes I will become the storm and the storm is my only shelter, but until then I keep you in my breast in shelter for the moment when you are needed.
Darkness know you are wanted, you used to terrify me.
You were my only protection against those that would harm me.

I could not protect those I wanted to.
Too small, not knowing enough.
Then in time faced with problems I still had no answer for.
Then I understood the perplexity that others must face when they want to help but don't know how.

Learning in time I could love the person but not their acts.
Still no promise of Solid Ground.

Worrying is not the thing to do in crisis only decided action.
Crisis averted.

Still no solid ground!