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TechnoHumane [Dec. 27th, 2015|12:22 am]
The vision of a kinder human still here in the icky twist of the dehumanization of the industrial one moment.
The moment far away from the samurai vision of perfected action for the action is harmonious and unforced.
Industrialization a boon for us while still forcing us into more machine like roles.

We lose our abilities to talk and talk to walls of a hive mind.
When what we seek is the meaning full individuation.
The fully intergrated action.

We seek we even through the transformation to the other.

Still the spirit might be their the spirit of computation the spirit of connectedness, yet to make it greatest value it must serve without destroying what it is to be.

An essence of life an element of being.

If we could find ourselves capable of doing that which would enjoy most and help most our vocation our calling to be.
From the fits and futries of the pits.

Still the code so capable of doing so much more good.
If we found the good to be of a greater value we would have completed missions that we scrubbed for profit, when there is still so much to be explored.

Much to be done and imagined.
A future techohumane.