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2015 A Year in Review it is nearly over - A day dream lived. [String|Data|Nodes|Dossier]

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2015 A Year in Review it is nearly over [Dec. 29th, 2015|06:34 pm]
A few more petals falled from the flower of my life, upon the ground they lie motionless still beautiful but without breath.
Now their image their experiences live within me but they are no longer.

I start of the year well having what is necessary of my society to live and do business which has a cost and a benefit to us all. The acts and actions of my life have offset the carbon release of many, I hope in the future to plant many fruit trees and other plants that are renewing. An enduring renewal.

I met a number of good people that I had good or better relationships with.
My friends are talented spread throughout the world and very diverse.

The year is over though, and it went fast because I worked hard, and though I did not feel that I got I head.
Knowing that feelings are not facts is useful.

I'm in a better position this year for all of the things I want to achieve in business, and hopefully this will leak over to other things.

Still fiddling with my text adventure and line by line making progress.

Finished writing the stories of sane.

Wish that more people have read some of the things I have spent so much time creating.

This year I plan on continue trying to have diverse experiences and to continue to try doing things I have yet to do in all spheres of my life.

I still hate texting I probably always will I would rather put my words to something more longer lasting then the ephemeral and it's still as slow form of communication that does not transfer nearly enough information.

Fooling around with technology and the ability to send pictures has been useful in a number of domains.

This year I hhave not read nearly enough though I spent lots of time building and with construction,  all that the word provides its ability to share the notion and conception is wanted and noted.

Reading trade magazines occurred though I would rather be reading journals and other periodicals and works directly from the source. Their books thoughts and ideas.

I will survive this winter and thrive in the next year.