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The problems of our generation [Jan. 2nd, 2016|12:07 am]
The problems of our generation are many and we could solve many or all of them with our ideas and technology if we care.

Some of the outcomes of our choices may also create new problems but in time with good ideas we will probably be able to solve them as well.

We created many of the problems and some of the problems existed in other forms

The prolbems as they stand

Clean water
Clean air
Being able to deal with nuclear radiation
Logistic Decoupling and better distrobution networks.

Solving these problems solve other problems.
These things reduce strife amongs ourselves.

We also need to stop expanding at least outward to simply encapsulate the planet
We could build land in the sea or underwater.
We could build structures further underground and this could allow us to solve some of our area problems.

So many ofther problems connected to the few.
We are really dealing with problems that create an impact that is greater than the sum of their parts.
Networks of problems.

These bundles of problems transact amongs themselves and influence themselves as networks these networks decohere and cause greater problems amongst the matter that they imapact.