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March of a Day [Jan. 18th, 2016|12:50 am]
A few years ago were hard years I lost many things that were dear to me.
I did what I do flipped the switch and marched on because with pain and spit blood and fatigue we march.
It is a few years later those things are still gone but I am not depressed about there passing though my heart still tugs as I know it will until I pass this earthen home.

Still these last weeks have been progress, I keep on working on my relationships, and strategies and plans. I keep on becoming better at making deciscions that help instead of hurt me. Slowly but surely I achieve things I have set out todo. It has happened far slower than I thought it would but when we have not had much experience and we are not aware of the adversity it is harder to manage.

As you become aware of the conditions you find yourself within you can find goals that are achievable step by step into the heat cold and mud. Still we march and still we find ourself ever closer to achieving other goals we have set out to achieve.

Today I kept a promise and I used some of the lessons I have been given such as you can give yourself out of poverty, and I know it's true. Some of it is just about changing your mind changing what you are capable of changing or looking at things in new ways. I fought for people I do not know. I wanted them to have more clean water and now they might.

I will keep on fighting even if it's only throwing carrots or other vegetables in pots of stone soup in camps and villages and minds throughout the world one at a time one foot infront of the other. 'Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning. ' J.M Barrie