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Akashic Log Stardate 3 28 2016 - A day dream lived. — LiveJournal [String|Data|Nodes|Dossier]

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Akashic Log Stardate 3 28 2016 [Mar. 28th, 2016|03:06 am]
I have not had good access to computational resources in two months.
Finally I have the files from my windows ten crash after an update and none of the modes would recover the machine yet the machine works perfectly with linux on a live cd until I decide to install. It is no suprise really that the machine functions well with this os.

So much I have not been able to do because we as people have so much dividing out time, and our time so precious and we have so much to do as the our life leaves us moment by moment.
Though in this moment of vital life the elan vitale doth raise my heart among the stars in this exalted moment.

Still the journey in this life is real and it has moved me to this moment with these challenges both good and bad.
Two years ago I was struck by great loss and already with my state and the weariness that has been my experience it was too much and I was set with the fatigue of loss and suffering.

This day though is better though there are still trials in this day and moment.
These trials seem more manageable as I have experienced more of them and in that regard they seem less heavy.
So in this moment I make progress for tomorrow and still I have been able to help more, and directly.

Goals have been set and I see the machinery and tools to improve the causaul so I turn the crank and make the machina move. Improvements in efficiency and scope get me to the next step that moves me into a different phase then production and manufacture of device.

As idea will continue to be the drive, and purpose.