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Computational Update StarDate 4/8/2016 - A day dream lived. — LiveJournal [String|Data|Nodes|Dossier]

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Computational Update StarDate 4/8/2016 [Apr. 8th, 2016|01:25 am]
I have computational assets so I can take my old computer that I have loved for over 5 years install linux on it and keep it running.
This computer I currently have was something I found added a ssd and maximum ram and the machine responds as well as the mac book pro I had a year ago from the divine.

The system is reconfigured and ready to go, now I just have to put the backups for writing and software and my environment while not the same will suit my purpose for the time being.

All in all it's good to be online again to do work that I want to do.

Life Log

11 Hour days have been the norm but slowly but surely I am getting closer to the self sustainability that I desire.