Luminosity (luminosity) wrote,

The Door Slammed Shut

The door slammed shut, it was not the first time this door had shut but it would be the last, at least for this door.
The roaring scream spilled out into the small house, and the stench of an old wretch bourbon spilled all over.
Similar smells, similar screams.

This scream broke me, the last scream that would be uttered from those old black lungs.
Ends coming soon.
Ice Cold sweat, my brow furled,  my teeth clenched.
Rage, Red-Rage and Death.
My hands balling clenching up fists - the scream in my mind louder than all of the screams let out against me.
It was the whirlwind of the last breath, the spell of death cast upon me.
My color left me, I loosened, my hands released.
Rushing to the kitchen looking around, seeing a glint, knowing now what I needed. Cold steel.
So I rushed for it the knife, ugly kind of dull, but it would do this ugly job.

My hand clenching around the handle of the knife.
The scene whipped around me. My life passing dripping whipping. Time meaning less in this moment.
The days and the years all passing, all my time.

The person at the door getting closer.
"Ready for your beating” growled out “ready for your pain".
Their eyes and actions manic, a three day bender and the pleasure of violence on their mind.
"Where are you, you can't hide from me."
This time, this time I was not hiding but in my own way I was waiting.

The break too intense, the pain too intense.
It was worth giving it all up.

Imagining the blood, finally something to clean the terrors of two minds broken one broken from the start the other broken by life.
Now it was time to dance.
Not a word from my lips.
One tear falling from my eye.

My enemy, my family, coming for me one last time.
They crashed on me a bull.
Though their force was their end, as that ugly blade, pierced the ugly heart.

Standing there bloodied.
The whirr and spasm of lights came after I made the call 911 "It's an emergency and it's too late."

The End
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