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StarGate Date 5 31 2016 - A day dream lived. [String|Data|Nodes|Dossier]

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StarGate Date 5 31 2016 [May. 31st, 2016|11:13 am]
Today in a log of standard events.
The completion of a number of reading projects it seems this is going to be a good year for both reading and doing.
The bid deals that have been put together this year are going well.

Achievements unlocked throughout events structures and doings.
Art created.

Today I have done some work on the book project that I set down not knowing what it's place in this universe would be though we never know and we can project but are projections are not always accurate.
And a little more work to psychic arcana.

Other goals still set before me this year and now I go forth to tackle them a task at a time until they are complete.