Luminosity (luminosity) wrote,

Splinters to heavy to carry

Stepping into my old home, stepping into the ghosts of memory.
Working on the shit that became of the universe that I gave in hope to create better outcomes, the outcomes being jack daniels bottles strewn about the floor and more stories about the chaos within and without.
After working for a few hours my emotions overtake me I am feeling upset and angry and off center.

Later I try to play a game I have known for years and my hearts not in my play and mistakes defeat my half hearted attempt to shift my attention.

The night rolls on and the call to the pd must be made because someone is recreating my life outside of my friends house, is there any help for us. Maybe not but for this one person in this one instance there is as the stitch that saved nine came in time.

To prevent another peron becoming a ghost of the moment, and the shadow of lifes loss.
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