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Walden Rex Cognito [Oct. 13th, 2016|12:43 am]
Knowing when your grandfather told you that you would miss being able to spend time with him and others when they are not around was completely correct, knowing that soon others you feel similarly to this will one day come to an end. A deep breath a sorrow. Knowing that you need to work nearly every hour of the day to float.

This system is a machine it is designed to take rescources out so that you have to replenish them more then you might under the system of nature. Though is it that we have passed to far into civilization that we can return to a state of natural grace.

I know that I have been enjoying my modern walden pond and if I keep at it it might become very easy and very lush it would be easier to do with a little more land and a little less civilization. Though some of the things I use or want or need come from the high end manufacturing end of society. I also know there is work on being able to reproduce these machines in a way that functions better.

I don't know that I have known the depths of my saddness, though I have experienced so many sad moments that it wears on me a coat. I know these are stories in my mind but it does not change there event nor the way it has shaped my nervous system. I know that some of this living has given me the ability to be kind to people that other people cannot and do more for people that I do not know then most will.

It only matters in the action though since once can say a million things and do little. Better to do a the million and be silent.
There once was a buddhist that was so quiet that the world had to listen.
There whisper became deafing.

I constantly carry beings with me in my heart and mind those that have pased are with me often. Bullet, Anthony, Chuck, Edward, Bruno, Helen and more these good people these loved ones these blessed ones, thank you for the oppurtunity that I was able to know you even for a little while in the light of life.