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On the Status of Play [Nov. 2nd, 2016|11:52 pm]
The game is sometimes carried out as a work of art.
Each move and counter move musical.
Now we move again and proceed to play the game in the mind then on the board.

What is the spirit of the game.
Only now the structure is building up.
New we puzzle and question.

The game sometimes a shitstorm it is a gone loaded the wrong way the bullet hits you.
Play being a wounding weapon and broken in that days events murphy happily crapping up.
I II III Lose.

Games crop up in games bubbles in glasses reflection of bubbles exuding ambient and focused rays.
When we play at one level we move but don't play.
When we play next we play but don't move.
When we play next we become the game.
When we play next we play another game all together.