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A Fire was Lit [Nov. 11th, 2016|01:56 am]
The wood burning stove works.
It has only heated the house by ten degrees currently.
A friend of mine said I have not burned this fire long enough.

I will probably have this unit replaced and a larger stove installed.
The ceiling will be completely covered in mirrored insulation in the next few days.
I have interior lights powered by the sun, and windows that collect light for the night.

Still technology to be forged and produced more innovation that no one else has.

It's been cold for about a month and a half at night. I was able to get the sun room in the front of my house upto 80's with my small heater.

The book is a little over halfway done.
I still have 4 chapters to finish before it's in the alpha stage.
It would be nice fore everything to be a little more expedient, though that's not how it works in life.
Things almost always take longer than we think.
Uploaded art so I can share that work over the next week.

Other projects have been frozen.
It is my hope that they will have new life again soon and finished soon as well, so I can get onto the other work. There is a sea of work within me.