Luminosity (luminosity) wrote,

On the Subject of Thankfulness

It is with great gratitude that I am able to lay these keys, in keys and hashes hidden in nations on servers throughout the world.

I am greatful for all of the hackers that have fought for freedom, who have written such beautiful and ugly code that glues together this modern world.

I am thankful for all of the good rebels that have every lived. I am grateful for their civil disobedience.

I am grateful for the people of the first nations who now as we speak fight for us all. They fight for us all, what ever lives on this planet they fight for they have died for. They have given there blood for us. They danced for us and our anscestors in their ghost dance and where slaughtered for their act.

The ghosts still live with me and they still dance.

My thankfulness only extends so far, we have so much money to kill people we don't even know, to steal blood and treasure again. I don't know why we have to kill so much in a universe this abundance. It maybe that we are all trapped in the mind of lack, and the vision of a prison planet.

Are liberty is in our heart and among the stars.
There are so many world out in all of the cosmos that we all could have a world to call our own, but would we want to live in that fortress of solitude.

It is only with a concordance of higher ideals and new constitutions that we might forge ahead, to see a vision that we might keep.

Thank you to friends I know and have yet to meet, thank you anscestors and Postessesors

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