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Doorways of Perception : Book Response [Dec. 3rd, 2016|07:56 pm]
This is the book that inspired Dr. Strange.
It is the third book of Mr. Huxley's I've read.
Still it is one of the better works that I have read, and though it to some degree is deeply ingrained with drugs and I know the devils and angels that are produced from their pharmacopeia. These little pills tabs and buttons changing and augmenting physiology, and being.

The short term impact is often the least disconcerting, it is the long term negative impact that is a greatest concern to me. If we could know if the individual would react well and not find some biophysiological mechanism unlocked, I would say hurrah what's the worry. I know though that their are key's to doors that are best left shut.

In the stories of drugs it's always the question of the pickle, you put the cucumber into vinegar salt and spice for long enough and one day the cucumber becomes the pickle and no one knows when.

Let us move past that layer of the onion though, the book is about the transcendent mind, it is about the mind awake, the mind that for what ever reason is burning chrome. The light is on and the connections are go.

This book has been written in a great many bibles but this book is short just a few pages, and while it is dense it is completely worth the ride. I think Huxley had a good idea about the luminance of the Buddha mind, the mind awake.

So for a short trip outside of the box, through symbolmantic shifts take a ride on the magic carpet and outside of the locked door to the world of the mind wide open.