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Fighting the holiday blues / Making America Great - A day dream lived. [String|Data|Nodes|Dossier]

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Fighting the holiday blues / Making America Great [Dec. 11th, 2016|11:28 am]
As per the tradition I created when I found that I could share I do during the holiday.
I like sharing with people I don't know who I have no reason to help.
Helpin is something that is awesome.
It's not about feeling better because when I throw the homeless dog some food and I am running out, I am not doing this to feel better. I am doing this because the dog may need it more than me, or it is simply the right thing to do.

When America was greatest it was highly communal, people shared, and people thought and acted carefully.
Everything was recycled and little went to waste. We fought against a people that would kill or take from anyone that was not themselves. Eventually they would have been food for themselves. Currently this is happening in our own nation. Where the rights of companies are regarded higher than the rights of the citizenry, even though it has always been these people that keep things running for all of us and the greater good.

I think it is terrifying that we live in idea bubbles and community bubbles.
These are the places where hate is born or vast misunderstanding.
The best way of fighting these things is true diversity working with large swaths of people from all positions experiences and backgrounds. That and this best helps us to truly help people. Since there are tons of people that simply do not have your background your knowledge or your reasons.
This is why I love argument and debate it allows a person to if they are closely listening, to become informed to other potentially oppositional ideals. This can make you aware of the reasons why.

It is hard to see people with strong ideas or opinions on things that they have not struggled with or has not challenged their communities, their bodies. I have no interest other than the harm of others to form opinions or controls for or against those things that do not harm, and especially that I am disconnected to.

I think it is a sad thing that we have many extra bills near our birthday especially near the holidays which is why I fight against this negativity with giving.

Since it is nearly my birthday I will be giving away presents all month as knowlege and books.

If you prefer physical books