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New Age A New Suit and We still play in the cycles of Recurrence - A day dream lived. — LiveJournal [String|Data|Nodes|Dossier]

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New Age A New Suit and We still play in the cycles of Recurrence [Dec. 23rd, 2016|11:07 pm]
A new age a new suit, the same world that it has always been. Network weights shifting determining and impacting the life of many.
Still we try to hold on to what we have left of an ever more heavily technological world.
Ever more fragile from eight billion people to war heads confused by computers.
We want to mess each others hair, have the most status and the most dominance.

Though nature still has us in a death grip. One yawn from the sun and we all fall down. We can prevent it's impact but we probably won't.
We would need decentralized power that had sinks and cages. with this it may be possible to prevent some of the disruption. All you need to do is to prevent enough disruption to start again.
The hero's are working on the machines we take for granted they have made them less costly and more efficient. The others are working on homes that will not kill us or tax us too much for living in them.
These things are net positives and the people working on these problems also net positive.

Though I am concerned for the people I love, will they be crushed by the technology that is now a freight train moving on an unpredictable course.
You could predict the impact and outcome of many of these choices on humans and what it will be the real challenge is predicting the true unknowns that will be born of minds that are not our own. That are alien to our own, and yes many people will determine their training but eventually the networks go dark and you can no longer see or understand the thoughts of the machine.

This does not concern me unless those weights were set on destroying targets because if you have ever watched a computer play mario after many trials it will do things you don't expect and things you would not think to do, and these things will impact you.

Maybe the end game is to reduce the population through war and strife then live in a utopia afterwards. I think einstein was right that if we truly move beyond the 5 wars we are currently engaged in and others join and create new theaters of war then we go back to fighting with sticks and stones if any of us make it.

The good news is if we still could turn the corner and achieve the dreams of the people that loved us that wanted to truly teach and nurture us all with drawing turtles so we might be able to see the beauty
of the number alive. That and the lonelyones that built this cathedral of fire in minds wild and alive.

We could also try to draft and united conferderation of countries and truly take on some humanity sized projects that would allow vast number of disenfranchised people to be enfrachised and doing something useful and good with their lives.

It really is the only way that people truly come together is by facing common foes and if we make stars our foes and problems our foes then we will solve them and if we can continue to do that until we use ways to impact our species to make ourselves, net kinder then we will continue to struggle against similar problems that have been seen before, and before.

Disease, plague, war, greed, status and dominance all things that have been playing havok on civilization throughout the ages.

I bow to the library of the yellow emperor that was burned, I bow to the library of alexandria which was burned, I  hope we do not burn down this global library that people created so that it could be for us all.