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See you in the new year [Dec. 30th, 2016|10:40 am]
It is soon to be the new year.
This has been a great year on so many levels.
I was able to achieve and smash through achievement levels professionally.
Even though when you have struggled financially you have to recover, though many of these problems will fall away as I continue to  keep working with the people that also really want to achieve and that work in the fashion that it takes to make those goals into concrete realities.

Still there is allot of ground to cover I will have to create new partnerships on a variety of fronts to take the work that I produce and have it have the outcomes that I would like.

The lessons of service and charity, kindness and a general goodwill can take you very far.
When it comes to financial things though in the end you have to find people that need or want your offerings.
I really want to do more trading in the future because we can create value without paper to create value, and the more value we create the more road we cover.

This year after or while I am cranking away at half complete projects I will also side start working on philosophical treatises. Infact I started today. ;)

See you in the new year.