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Hidden Figures [Jan. 7th, 2017|11:13 pm]
I was going to write poetry about some of the things that are particular problems.
I still have a number of things that make me angry and sad.
Seeing this film made me happy that so many barriers have been broken by so many people.
It is excellent knowing that more people can use their skills and minds to achieve their first best destinies.
It would be better still if those bound collapse and we are able to utilize any or all people that can or want to contribute to a field no matter choices or of attributes of their being. If one is skilled enough or if one wants to be skilled and it is possible for them to do so it should be achievable. Since every mozart that never plays music is one less piece of music that inspires the engineer to solve a problem or the mathematician to envision a new state of number.

Since all of these systems are some what interconnected and we face some of the greatest challenges we have ever faced as a species. How do we deal with the absolute success of our species? How do we keep other life alive despite us? Still we have so many problems to solve and the cosmos is still taking us to task and we act like these great disasters are never coming again. They are probably events and in the long course they are one equivalencies, they will happen. Once one knows that they will and some events have alread happened and we treat this event as if it still is not impacting us.

I hate to say but fukushima is still burning.
We can and must solve these and other problems and their is enough talent in the world in every ghetto in the world is a rose growing in the concrete and we need them for they are scarce. The numbers are predictive x out of the total group will be the people most suited to solve for x.

We need you we need each other to fight against the natural tendency for status and dominance and instead raise up those around us so that we might solve the problems or face the dragons of our problems.
That is why we need universal access to education for all humans that are here now and after we do this we sort ourselves through our efforts. If you want to explore then you will, that has been the beauty of the library and it may be the last and only bastion of civilization in a capitalistic nation. It is the only place you can go here where you can access information, heat, electricity, plumbing, information that you do not need to buy something to use.

So really it is a thank you to whomever fights that small fights the little troubles without recognition without any intention or purpose with the full altruistic heart. Thank you one, and all.