Luminosity (luminosity) wrote,

Daydream work day mayhayuga yama kala

In the daydream, I was out in the daydream dreaming.
The dream was effort and work it was dozens of people and many events.
There was sadness happiness and joy I think this is most days a little bittersweet.
It is probably the end of the day blues speaking, when you are tired and you push further even when you know being tired is affecting your mood. That's one of the joys of sleep, that it heals or let's go washes us for our next day, and heals us in many ways.

I am working on the beta of the book and when I get feedback it will be launch.
That and on the process of completing the work I have been thinking about the next work, I know there will probably be some separation anxiety on its completion as well, as I have experienced this before.

You would figure that you would hit after you make many, many things it is not always true so the work needs to be a vocation. That is why I have multiple approaches and make money through a number of channels. I think that with the way the world is for a majority of people it is a good idea being able to have a number of streams to drink from.

We get to Thursday and it is open since I am uncertain of any weekend plans.
I made further progress on the house, I built the racking today for the second set of solar panels, my solar Christmas lights are great I will get more, I still need to get a bigger wood burning stove but all in good time.
I keep thinking it's all going to happen tomorrow and that's not generally how things work it's usually 13 years of hard work, then you are lucky.
Real lucky, real hard work.
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