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Fear not your weakness or your strength - A day dream lived. — LiveJournal [String|Data|Nodes|Dossier]

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Fear not your weakness or your strength [Jan. 19th, 2017|11:31 pm]
The feelings pass over me and through me. I feel your feelings as my own.
I have blind spots larger than elephants or potentially worlds.
I want to share freely in a world that wants lies.

Still, I persist in shadows and days, the moons rise and fall, and I persist until I fall.
When I fall I hope that I will have planted at least 1000,000 trees giving the world back some of its lungs.
Maybe I will have given away fortunes, and dreams.

Still, I know I will have done better, I have helped people to tend and care for their fire.
I know I will have opened the doors for the dreamers, and encouraged them to dream.
I will have asked questions about true wants true desires and talked about strategized and acted on a few.

Hopefully, some of my dreams will be manifest.
A few are boiling and semirealized some are complete, and with this, I tell myself deeply that I love you.
When I started a few important things that did not turn out, I did not know some of my problems.
I was blind to my rage, I have been blind to so many things.
Still, I persist and ask forgiveness of my trespasses as I hope to forgive others in kind.

Every day I learn, I work on the gift that I have been given the little light in between that vastness of spacetime.

I miss some of the possibilities but I have the present, and that is where I play.