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Ideomancer [Jan. 19th, 2017|11:41 pm]
Cast away your worries, let loose all your fears.
Tell me these secrets to spell another year.
Lingering in our essence written our true name.

Sometimes it is hidden sometimes it is clear.
Worlds that do not live in yes's no's or maybe's.
The message written polymorphically, written in shifting phase spaces.
Names much larger than the totals of the stars.

An infinite set of infinite sets dancing shifting playing infinitely in infinite time and infinite space.
Totalities of full partials.
Many parts shared in the secret voice.

The beauty is all around us through us and is us even when we feel ugly or disconnected.
Even when we do not feel the connection.

The lack of connection is as much of a symbol as the connection. How every you might shift the universal information you can augment this reality with understanding how to move its information.