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The bottom is not producing enough slaves anymore. - A day dream lived. — LiveJournal [String|Data|Nodes|Dossier]

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The bottom is not producing enough slaves anymore. [Jan. 23rd, 2017|05:40 pm]
So they sign legislation to keep women away from the thinking, to get them back in the kitchen.
It's a sad world billions and billions of us and we want to make it harder and harder for each one of us.
A bunch of people that don't know what the bottom is or how hard the concrete is are controlling your lives.
They get you to fight each other to see each other as the enemy.

The fact is they don't love you, they don't know you and your voice is not heard, they want your children on the bottom in fetters though. No forward mobility no hope. They want you to keep serving meals with dumb happy looks as you go home and plan to end it all.

You don't need to see your family you don't need to know.
Don't worry don't read books.

And the papers read the king is dead long live the king.

They have not seen the fires that burn in your cities hearts and stomachs.
They forget the lessons of easter isle and paris.

They don't know and barely remember the black bottom ghetto's, the back ally abortions hangers and blood.
Another child will go in the dumpster today, because they don't know you and they don't love you.

The color of our racism is green and it is backed by the federal reserve.

They forgot about the god they trust, I have never seen kindness in their smile.
They don't love their mothers or grandmothers they can't be trusted.

The king is dead long live the nonhierarchical political structures of the great nations that lived on this earth with peace for over 300 years.