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I will cry with you. [Jan. 23rd, 2017|06:56 pm]
Your life did not start with your choice and now that the dust is cleared and you were born as you were to who you were, where you were. I will not hate you for the things you do not decide.
Instead, I will seek my heart for compassion as to who you have become through a series of circumstance than choice.

I see solutions everywhere, they are inside and outside, yet we suppress and fight our future perfect, I know not why. I will continue the work, the sharing the caring. If I have helped one person that can help no one I have done my work.

It is not about reward, or pleasure it is about service and responsibility. It is about care and true altruism.
Hearing the arguments against altruism, I know these arguments to be false. I know that beings that are not helped or served or even delighted internally can help or serve something that has nothing to do with themselves.

It is the responsibility of a conscious kind sentience to try to look towards our best and strive for a better to build societies that reflect our greatest compassionate values.