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The forgotten remember [Feb. 10th, 2017|04:59 am]
I see her face again the reflection of my gaze in a puddle of that cobbled street.
My society cannot look her in the face, it's the same worn out story of a bad cliche written in scar tissue on her heart.

While you were off pretending the world was alright, the world was crumbling around her, she had to make another heartbreak decision. Today she had to make a choice that would scar her for the rest of her life and while you were at the office drinking coffee worrying about another green piece of paper she made a choice about life.

Every day they scream about life but afford her no kindness, they want children to be born without help and assistance in a world that will grind you up. She went in the alley and a friend with a coat hanger went to work they did not have the money to get help and their society denied them the help because to society they don't exist. The everyday invisibles. Another baby ground out because we don't matter one person one statistic just another incident.

It's a world most people want to ignore or forget, but the forgotten remember.