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Spartacus Autobiographical [Feb. 13th, 2017|09:29 pm]
I spent a lot of time in the dark, I found the light there.
In the darkness the storm, the scream, I found peace.

They try to kill me again, whirring angry staves of metal, flying at the wall again.
I laughed as they hit me again.
My understanding of peas and carrots lives are minimal.

Easy lives without ills or suffering.
The masses taking easy vacations.

How can you know the tireless misery of the agony and ecstasy of misery?
Eating food with rats and roaches.
Not eating.

The pain of not.

Where are you?

Where is the care?
Any care!
Anything but tears of an orphan.

Parents, stolen by jailers and drugs.
My friend told me I bier the story of the oppressed upon my shoulders.

Abused by their religion, their lies of sex and violence.

The system always grinding.

But still, we rise.
Broken as Epictetus
                                      Yet unbroken and free.
                                                              Unbroken and free.