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Imerium du Sang: Book Release

An Empire of Blood

I Amadeus, born in eldritch form before the pact of states, before a union forged. My immortal birth rip, rended and slashed into my already broken depraved soul; in a sleepy town in the west.  My first memory within this new form was the vacuum of a toroidal aeternal destruction of my interior persona, my soul inverted and slaughtered recurrently.  Before I was aware a vast crushing force was upon me and a taint smeared my soul. This blood taint smeared into me by fiery granite blows, crushed me to death as tears of black blood fell upon me and within me. Each fists strike a hammer to an anvil, this hardened me, tempered me; this forged me. The sweltering fire of each blow twisting cherry red metal sparking cruelty, until it is quenched in the black blood of the earth. It would take a wash of time unknown, my black leather wings would grow and the dark gifts' fetid grasp would tear at the echoes of my humanity. Long before my inhuman birth, I already was inhuman. For I was monster, as I would become that which I was! An abstract expressionistic painting of agency and circumstance bringing and ringing in my sadistic glee, for this was my first instinct.  In time the harsh mistress of blood would become my pleasure, my sustenance. For the fine flavor of the blood of the cruel and sadistic was charmed to my sword and shining fangs.

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Imperium du Sang

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Imperium du Sang

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